Red mercury is the product of sulphur
In order to mix mercury and gold
Mercury has to be combined with sulphur

Red mercury is an electrical receiver

Ancient mirrors were made with red mercury
In order to draw spirits

Many ancient structures were built with red mercury
In order to enhance ether extraction

Examples are castle turrets and antennae
Many structural antennae were in the form of crosses

Mercury has been injected by vaccines
It disrupts the whole methylation cycle
Creating neurological and metabolic disorders

In the past age the planet Mercury traveled up and down the celestial axis
And was the twin brother of Mars
Who was slain by his brother

Cain and Abel
Romulus and Remus
Castor and Pollux

Mercury has been used in fillings for teeth

This disrupts the electrical balance and causes health problems

Wisdom teeth are a part of your adult teeth
Your adult teeth are supposed to come in during adulthood
Completing your bioelectric field
And making one full of wisdom

But through genetic manipulation
Adult teeth have been prevented from appearing

We are bioelectrical beings
In a sea of electrons
Our power is limitless
But we are programmed to think otherwise!