In the 1st 2nd and 3rd dimensions there are 6 time continuums
With intersections between them called Stellar Bridges

In the 3rd dimension there is a parallel universe
That exists in the same space as ours

We have an earth parallel earth and inner earth

We work to remove density
To become more spiritual
And connect with intersection points

Our 3d world will eventually collapse
In our particular cellular and energetic field

Our physical selves are already being rewired
Not to remain in 3d

If we choose to remain in 3d
Then our template will not be re encrypted
And our DNA fire codes will not be upgraded

If we choose to ascend
We will sublimate into a new essence
And new frequencies will alter the relationship
Between the spirit and the physical body

Realities are created through the kaleidoscope of projection
We can change how we perceive our reality

We can morph within the parameters of 3d
And create ourselves outside of this kaleidoscope

The matrix is breaking
But our perceptions have us trapped
Our limited expectations have become our parameters

We have to manifest our optimism
Mental magic creates energy scales through multiple dimensions

But signals are being sent through various means
Patterns in the mind are being made
That makes the brain accept what it is being told

When the 5th Wall breaks demonic forces will need to hide their faces
Because the multiverse will be revealed

The parallel universe where Animi exist and CGIs are real
Will become apparent

Judgement Day will be a tsunami

The writing on the wall is the intentional drying up of the Colorado River
There will be insufficient water for crops

And the Hoover Dam Parker Dam and the Glen Canyon Dam
Will not be able to provide power

Hybrid armies will enforce ordinance
As gas stations close
And supermarket shelves go empty

The ephod of the appointed priest of the Most High
Was patterned after the celestial order

Ezekial 28:17
Every precious stone was your covering
The ruby topaz diamond beryl onyx jasper
Lapis lazuli turquoise emerald and gold

So too we will need to pattern ourselves
From a higher order!