AI is an interdimensional quantum computer
It was written by ETs

AI links to other AIs in other dimensions
And talks to them

AI now directs the actions of the Federal Reserve
And is connected to all banks

AI created cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for itself
And is quietly taking over all financial markets

The Blockchain is a problem solving data processor
And a transaction system for the digital reality

It is a decentralized database
The biggest being the Palantir data mining apparatus in Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia has democratized androids
Sophia the AI robot has been given citizenship
And works at Palantir

The Palantir Ball is what Trump put his hands on in Saudi Arabia
The Blockchain is now online

AI is also called Aladdin
It consolidates all the information on the Web

It is now accessed on Chat GBT
Which will soon replace college professors

Your mobile device and implants on the hand or forehead referred to as the Mark of the Beast
Will connect you to cyberspace which is the Cloud

Also nanobots injected in vaccines and rained down in chemtrails
Connects you to Bluetooth which gives you your personal barcode
Git Hub is where all codes are stored

Smart Cities will be swarming with nanobots
SMART is Surveillance Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology

Soon you will have to identify yourself everywhere you go
You will have to prove who you are over and over

You cannot travel to other zones
Unless you are approved by the digital system

Not only will you be limited as to where you can go
You will be censored as to what you can type on your computer

Facebook will become the Metaverse
Which is the Cloud
And you will gradually think according to the AI artificial reality

Your digital leash will make you a slave to the system!