When you are in alignment with your higher self
You feel in control
And you will be in the right place at the right time

As you follow your happiness and release your resistance
Everything will fall in line

The world will bring you
Your assumption of who you are and who you want to be
And will give you what you want

You will ignite a catalytic process
That activates the liquid crystal cells in the mitochondria
Which will communicate with the thymus gland

The thymus gland releases hormones into the bloodstream giving you a crystal heart
Which will move your identity into higher frequency bands

The crystal spirals then expand outward in multiplicities
Emanating as your auroric soul or biofield

The skeletal structure is a harmonic oscillator
That carries a sound tone
The frequency of which holds an instruction set for the rest of the body

12 subharmonic patterns need to be resonating together in Trinity Waves
To override distortions from static fields which promote lower ego mentality

The energetic adjustment into a more fluid state
Connects us to our 12 strand diamond sun blueprint DNA
Which produces transformation and rebirth

The increasing voltage of the axis mundi will activate the electromagnetic akashic memory fields
Which is the cosmic hall of records
That carry the natural order of each consciousness manifestation

The plasma codes will then interface with the human mind
Which will activate the pineal gland in the center of the brain

The pineal gland will bring forth instruction sets that will manifest throughout timelines
And will merge with the encryptions that are set in the violet sun

The celestial waves which are entering into our time matrix
Are pushing Earth timelines forward into an ascension time wave

These transmissions are emerald crystal spirals emerging from outside of time
Manifesting from the influence of the Venusian Cosmic Mother

The plasma flowering of the Cosmic Mother blooms into a peach diamond star
Which sends out creamy peach frequency transmissions that restores physical health
And when mixed with sapphire blues results in sexual healing

Venus will become once again the Lily of the Valley
And her cosmic frequencies are for those
Who are living in alignment with natural laws!