Cannabinoids can actually cure
Some of the most devastating diseases

Endo cannabinoids are produced by your body
Phyto cannabinoids are produced by plants namely cannabis

Tetra hydro cannabinoids or THC
Turn on CB2 receptor cells
That are key to the operations of the various macrophages

It drives the g protein coupled receptors
That cross the membrane 6 or 7 times for signaling

THC activates the critical master regulator
Known as hematopoietic stem cells
That are involved in all the activities in the blood

The dysregulation of the hematopoietic stem cells by toxins
Accelerates aging and is the cause of many diseases
Phyto cannabinoids will reverse disease by reestablishing pure energetic signaling across the membrane

THC breaks down glyphosate poison consumed from GMO pesticides
And destroys retro viruses contained in vaccines

THC has complex immune regulatory effects
It will block inflammation which drives the disease process

THC is a dopamine transporter and anti depressant
It elevates mood and relieves stress and anxiety

Phyto cannabinoids promote the production of the superoxide dismutase
Which is a key liver enzyme for detoxing

Cannabinoids are antioxidants and will decrease the damaging effects of oxidative stress

Diseases are the inability to fuel the heart brain and muscles
Pathogens take out the mitochondria for their own energy
Toxins deregulate the immune system and debilitate our machinery

Phyto cannabinoids mitigate and prevent the development and progression of disease
They reverse myalgic encephalo myelitis which is inflammation of the brain heart and muscles from toxins
And create healthy myeloid cells in the bone marrow

CB1 receptor cells are expressed in every cell and every tissue
They become dysfunctional from pathogens

THC removes the blockages and restores the calcium in the ionic channels
Returning CB1 receptor cells to their normal functioning

The compounds in cannabinoids are called terpenes
They recognize and remove pathogenic poisons

Cannabis is immuno therapy
It should be utilized for all cancers
For all heart and brain diseases
And for all muscle and bone conditions

It is God’s healing gift to the world!