Ancient Babylon was just like America is today

It was the center of military power and foreign trade
It was the financial hub and circulated the main currency
Just like America

It was also the primary place for Illuminati rituals
Of the controlling alien hybrid bluebloods

These people practiced human blood sacrifice as their religion
In order to create loosh

The blood and sexual rituals were openly practiced in Babylon
Were also for obtaining excessive amounts of wealth and power

The indulgence of decadent hedonism blood lust and possession
Which includes rape pillage and murder for their own amusement was pursued
Just like what happens behind closed doors in America today

Jeffrey Epstein is just one of many
The heinous acts of assault and sodomy
And the ripping out of adrenal glands
For the attainment of adrenochrome

They used an electric drill to cut holes in the children
Who were awake the whole time

They told them what they were going to do beforehand
So that the maximum amount of adrenaline would be produced

Do not think he or anybody was or has been punished for these crimes
As the court system is totally corrupted in regards to the higher ups

Righteous anger will spark across the Aether
It will awaken your skill set and ability to manifest

Face the evil for what it is
Change it with higher vibrations
Then believe it does not exist

Everything that is happening now has happened before

The wiping out of humanity with high energy technology
Of Lemuria Atlantis Egypt Sumeria Tartaria etc
Was accomplished with the cooperation of humans
Getting them to believe in something

If someone goes after you
You go after them
Defend yourself

This is a tug of war between light and dark
Light will win but only at the last moment

The spark of life is love
If you are devoid of that
Then you are a dark being
And disconnected from the Source

We were originally silicon based beings
But have become carbon based
Because we eat dead carcasses

Reconnect to the Source
By reconnecting to your soul
Which is your connection to the Source!