Infusions of powerful yet subtle plasmatic forces at the quantum level
Are reconfiguring the earths collective energy fields
Shifting the blueprint of the human race
Impacting our overall consciousness

This also impacts past and future timelines

Not everyone is on the same timeline

Negative aliens have downloaded their predator mind
Into the 3D earth
In order to take over our collective consciousness

Causing us to participate in our own destruction

They are also taking over human bodies
Seeking out those with eternal coding imprints

But our Eternal Source
Will ultimately override
All injected DNA code implants

The Cleopatra Needle in London
The Caligula Obelisk in St. Peters Square in Rome
And the 555 foot tall Washington Monument in Washington DC

Have been used to run reversal energies
Into the earths grid system

But as collective fields are being reconstituted
The architecture is becoming inhospitable to the alien AI agenda

Frequency fences that run metatronic reversals
Are being shut off

Extensive virtual realities with artificial timelines
That feed energy to the reptilian aliens
Are being turned off

The AI supercomputer system
Which is slowly turning us into hybridized AI versions of ourselves
Cloning us in quantum server systems
Is being disrupted

As the current consciousness wars heat up
So does their desperation

As we start to harmonize into our multidimensional selves
Into a unified state
No longer in need of ego verification

As we extract layers of negativity
We open new spaces in our energy field
Filling them with spiritual light

We then transform and start to manifest miracles

Our body is a manifesting machine
A musical instrument of sound and emotion
Our bones are crystals
And our voice and sinus cavity are resonators

We use sound and energy to manifest our reality

When we focus our minds
Remembering we are eternal spiritual beings
That connect to the God Consciousness
We dismantle the prison AI machinery
That needs negative energy to continue

Our entire nervous system will undergo a systematic rewiring
Enabling us to receive decipher and transmit higher frequency impulses

And when we ground ourselves into the earths electromagnetic grid
We allow others to access these frequencies more easily!