1) Does the TV series The Simpsons ‘predict’ a power outage blackout during the 2019-2020 holiday season?
2) Does the word Satan come from an English transcription of the Semetic word Shaitan which is another name for Saturn when during an active phase the former sun was enshrouded in a turbulent envelope which wreaked havoc upon our world by emitting plasma discharges and raising the charge in our atmosphere thereby explaining the words of Jesus that Even Satan disguises Himself as an Angel of Light and which also gave rise to the term dis-aster which means evil star?
3) Doesn’t it seem sensible to not eat the bodies of other Beings?
4) Can you find out about your past lives through the study of your dreams?
5) Why would somebody in 1848 travel about three hundred miles to San Francisco and start yelling in the streets that he has found gold when everyone who does tries to hide that fact and why would people rush to San Francisco when the gold is three hundred miles away?
6) Were the Civil War Southern Antebellum Mansions really Tartarian homes and many of them were destroyed or ruined in the early 1800’s?
7) How could the andesite granite at Puma Punka in Bolivia be shattered to small fragments when it has hardness second only to diamonds?
8) Who built the Berkeley Wall of stone in Northern California that extends for hundreds of miles over mountains and hills and seemingly has no purpose?
9) How could someone carve a whole city out of stone with intricate detail such as the one at Petra in Jordan using only a hammer and chisel?
10) Why would France have workers labor round the clock for 9 years to build a copper statue 151 feet tall weighing 225 tons then give it for free to a foreign country which is what were supposed to believe with the Statue of Liberty?
11) While travelling through airports which choice do you make? To be radiated by the high energy scanners or be molested by the groping TSA agents?
12) Since there is never a 24 hour daylight period at Antarctica like there is at the Arctic when the sun is travelling tightly around the Tropic of Cancer wouldn’t that be yet another proof that the Earth isn’t a round ball?
13) Did you know that Momar Khadafi the former president of Libya gave the citizens there free education, free health care, free energy, free water, a $30,000 gift to all newly married couples and a home for everyone yet was murdered by the United Nations for being a tyrant?
14) Did you realize that all human interaction is an exchange of energy and you should do what you can to avoid internalizing the negativity of other people or else it will build up inside you?
15) Did you know the Terra Cotta Army which is falsely ascribed to the Last Emperor is of a lot more recent origin because even though most of the soldiers and horses have lost their paint because of the wet and mildew conditions, there are some that remained dry and still have a lot of their paint and even under ideal conditions paint on baked clay will start to deteriorate by 100 years?
16) Could the over 8000 Terra Cotta Soldiers, 670 horses, 130 chariots, as well as musicians, acrobats, archers, women and birds make up what could be coined a very advanced doll house because energy was radiated through mercury and other metals to animate the figures and give them a life-like appearance?
17) Don’t you think it is beyond absurd to believe that one will spend eternity in either heaven or hell based on one short experience here on Earth and whether you telepathically tell an invisible long dead Jewish guy you accept him as a sacrifice for the rebellion caused by a slick talking snake in a tree who tricked a chick into taking a bite of an apple which in turn caused a Supreme Being to get all unnerved who then proceeded to condemn her and her mate and their two sons who somehow populated the world?
17) Since religion is one of the top Control Systems and Jesus was the main figurehead of one of these religions wouldn’t it make sense that his current life is one of the Controllers?
18) Did you know that in Sardinia there is a whole complex of worked stone formations that have very small openings that could only be suitable for fairies or elves?
19) Doesn’t it make sense that you cannot be very spiritual if you are indifferent to the horrors of the animal agriculture industry?
20) Do you realize that the Hebrew phrase Tohu Wa Bohu in Genesis which is rendered as formless and void would be better translated as formless and chaotic since Bohu also means chaos and chaos is the word used in other ancient creation accounts to describe the Primeval Cosmic Sea of Saturn?
21) Could it be that the reason they have they built over 20 ghost cities in China complete with 6 lane freeways and capable of holding millions of people is that there will be forced evacuations primarily in the United States in the near future?
22) Do you know that all animal products are the result of suffering?
23) If meteors were space rocks and Earth was a globe shouldn’t meteors be flying in all directions?
24) Are we the result of a very slow process of chance evolvement from an Omeba or is this world the result of Intelligent Design and are our souls of Divine origin?
25) Is it true that we create our own reality by how we react to circumstance and by visualizing and projecting thoughts which are actually electrical currents interacting with the environment?
26) Did you know that in the Popul Vuh which is the Mayan holy book there is in the beginning no sun or moon only Kukulkan the Feathered Serpent giving off a feeble purple light amidst the Cosmic Ocean?
27) Have you noticed that President Trump frequently gives the secret Illuminati Masonic hand sign by pointing together his hands downward and that this is symbolic of the Spear of Destiny?
28) Can you conceive of the fact that after the Reset in the early 1800’s many cities around the world were vacant and that they were repopulated through nefarious breeding programs?
29) Could it be that this inheritance of prior civilizations is the reason why you see in the mid to late 1800 photographs, primitive people riding horses in futuristic-like but very old cities with advanced architecture?
30) Have you heard of the Agalean Dialect which is the promotion of a false left right, Republican Democrat, Conservative Liberal dichotomy to make people fight among themselves instead of the ones responsible for the issuance of laws?
31) Do you realize it is better not to let a psycho dentist put a drill in your mouth because they will want to drill and fill over and over and then replace the tooth?
32) Is it true that there is a planned phony assassination of President Trump and then Obama will return to center stage as the Anti Christ and this Birthing of the Beast has been a long awaited designed event of the Free Masons?
33) Do you know the Anti Christ in Revelation 9 that is King of an army of scorpion-tailed locusts from the bottomless pit is in fact representative imagery of a celestial event in a former sky?
34) Why are police departments receiving tanks? Are they getting ready for an insurrection?
35) Do you realize that the Eye on the top part of the pyramid on the one dollar bill is in fact Venus who was the Eye God of former times because it was situated right in front of Saturn and the pyramid is symbolic for the celestial World Mountain?
36) Did you know that the reason the bone structure on each side of your head are called temples is because it houses the pineal gland which connects you to outside forces?
37) Did you know that the serpent Leviathan spoken of in the Old Testament is the same as the Ouroboros which is the snake that circled the Celestial Ocean (cosmogonic egg), 7 times and this makes up the 7 spirals of creation?
38) And did you know that these 7 spirals are the same as the 7 seas and the 7 heavens and also the 7 days of creation because the original Hebrew had no vowels and the word ym which is translated as yom which means day can also be translated as yam which means sea?
39) Also are you aware that the 3 wise men were originally 7 wise men which is the same as the 7 sages and all these portrayals of 7 can be explained by the encirclements of Saturn because even today the Saturnian rings are divided into 7 groups and can be even further categorized into 3 assemblages.
40) Could it be that the circular structures found all over the world such as the ones at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey were electrical generators?
41) Is it possible that the boats of yesteryear of Tartarian manufacture were fitted with etheric capacitors on poles and these were later during our time retrofitted with sails?
42) Are you aware that the Rolling Stones are girls dressed up as guys?
43) Did you know that tobacco in itself is healthy but now has been infused with many toxic carcinogenic chemicals?
44) Do you know that galaxies are just a made-up idea to go along with the endless space and Big Bang fantasies?
45) Do you think the real purpose of CERN is to blast a hole through the plasma dome and see what lies beyond?
46) Do you think we incarnated here for a reason such as to help other beings as well as to expand our own soul?
47) Isn’t it logical that you cannot love animals and eat them at the same time?
48) Have you heard that there are tsunamis planned for both the East and West coasts of America?
49) Do you realize that the canals, aqueducts and pumping stations of yesteryear were of ingenious design and were incredible feats of engineering and that water was clean and free unlike today?
50) Are you aware that time travel can be accomplished during certain periods of dreaming and now the brain wave pattern of such episodes have been replicated and made available to a select few?
51) Is it correct to think that the fact that certain people who have no consideration for others become who they hate and since they have to live with themselves it is punishment enough and to seek revenge is not the right course of action?
52) Do you think Sasquatch sightings have been marginalized because they do not fit the Theory of Evolution?
53) Do you know that sunscreen, hairspray, cosmetics, shampoos, lipstick, perfumes, lotions, deodorants, household cleaners and detergents all contain copious amounts of toxic chemicals?
54) Don’t you think that integrity, honesty and sincerity are all admirable virtues but they are ignored because people only think about themselves and to get ahead these virtues are all thrown out the window?
55) Do you think that death can be looked upon as a transition to a fresh start in another body?
56) Do you think it is possible that when in ancient times people were turned to stone for looking at the Medusa or the Gorgon it was in reality an outburst of an intense plasma discharge from Saturn?
57) Do you think in the past we had a much more intimate link with animals and could communicate with them on a much higher level?
58) Do you think that animals are just soul-less objects or are they living breathing thinking feeling beings who want to live and have a good life and that is the reason they scream in terror when they get their throats slit at a slaughterhouse?
59) Could it be that the reason a compass always points to the North Pole is because the South Pole does not exist?
60) Is matter just a physical manifestation and projection of the thoughts of a higher consciousness?
61) Were Fallen Angels not actual angels but celestial orbs who fell down from their place in heaven?
63) Was The French Indian War just an extension of the Seven Years War that lasted from 1756-1763 which can be called World War 0 and like it’s three successors the real motivations and causes were entirely different than what is stated?
64) Is it true that after the Seven Years War the Tartarian Empire was subdued and many native people who were left such as the Arcadians in Northeast America were removed and deported?
65) Did Breeding programs go into into high gear after the Seven Years War and are they responsible for the repopulation of white people into North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere?
66) Were the Infantoriums with baby incubators at Fairs and Amusement Parks in the late 1800’s and early 1900″s a public display of these nefarious Breeding Programs but were presented as just nursing for babies in need?
67) Are the Mormons a good example of a Breeding Program along with a script of what to believe in a post reset world?
68) Is it a common belief among Jews because of what is written in the Midrash which is a Jewish Holy Book and preached constantly by Rabbis that the purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews and is the reason the Jews are described as the Chosen People because they are the ones who wrote the religious texts?
69) Did you realize that in the Old Testament book Malachi, Yahweh is described as a sun with healing in his wings, which can be explained by the energizing effects of Saturn’s emanations of it’s sides which glowed because of light directed there resembling wings and this ancient depiction of a Deity with wings is common in myth and religion and at other times is referred to as the Gates of Heaven?
70) Could Yahweh the Lord of Hosts mean Saturn and his entourage of other celestial orbs nearby?
71) Could Yahweh the Most High God mean Saturn positioned in the sky above all the other nearby celestial orbs?
72) Is it true that dragons were not terrestrial creatures but images of plasma apparitions in a former sky in which electrical processes created the illusion of decorated snakes with wings breathing fire?
73) Could it be that the Titans, the Nephilim and the Rephaim (the Terrible Ones whose dwelling place is in Sheol) were all celestial orbs at close proximity to our world and that is why they were pictured as giants and later got confused with the human giants of tall stature?
74) Is it true that most people agree with the Golden Rule but do not always practice it and totally neglect it when it comes to eating animals since animals also qualify as others?
75) Did you realize it has been admitted that monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas are being artificially bred with human DNA presumably in secret underground military bases thereby rendering a Planet of the Apes scenario as not too far fetched after all?
76) Could it be a reflection of the truth that in the movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes there are controllers in possession of high energy weapons who use telepathy and illusion to manipulate the naïve human population and it will be fun and games for them when Human Ape hybrids are introduced?
77) Could it be true that lighthouses, damns, mines and aqueducts were built by a prior civilization?
78) If it is true that Romans never crucified thieves then why is Jesus pictured as being crucified with a thief on each side of him?
79) If you were a bee would you want humans to take your honey which is your food for the winter and replace it with GMO corn syrup which is normally done and how would you feel if you were a bee in a bee trap?
80) Do you realize the numbers that are displayed in fake news stories are means of secret communication between Masonic members?
81) Do you think that when you connect to our true history and to our true world and to Beings of other species that your soul is expanded and your vibration is raised and this frequency is sent to your whole body by energy flowing through your spinal cord?
82) Did you know that the eclipses of today are fake but were real in the former sky?
83) Did you know that Yahweh the winged sun god and the sun of righteousness (inter alia) is also depicted as riding in his wheeled chariot which actually was Saturn’s circumstellar disk and also mythically referred to as the Wheel in the Sky?
84) Could it be that the nearness and reign of Saturn (Saturnus Regalia) and the close proximity of other plasma orbs in the North was caused by a increased flux or Cosmic Surge in the North Celestial Axis and this increased energy in turn is what created the giant camels, beavers, bears, sloths, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, wolves etc. as well as the mammoth plants and trees of those bygone days?
85) Do you realize that zoos and aquariums are animal prisons?
86) Did you know that the Parting of the Waters of the Red Sea as described in the book of Exodus has its true meaning in Mars (the Red Planet) entering the Cosmic Ocean of Saturn and this ascension of Mars on the Polar Column was also the scene of the Mount of Transfiguration where Mars was seen to be born again or rejuvenated?
87) Did you know that each President has to go through secret Masonic Rituals such as the Raising of Osiris Ceremony which has it’s roots in the same celestial event of Mars returning from the Underworld or Place of the Dead?
88) Do you think possibly the Salem witchcraft trials were just fake to scare and control the introduced people following a reset?
89) Do you really think the Antarctic Treaty which bans all travel to Antarctica by non authorized people is because of concern for penguins or the environment?
90) Could it be that we live in some sort of encapsulated plasmoid like structure with energy flowing through the center which fluctuates because of higher frequency realms outside and this has caused different time eras or epochs along with the intentional use of microwave beam technology that has been around for many centuries and has been directed towards the heavens and the earth?