1) Could it be that the highly technological and electromagnetic Ark of the Covenant was stolen from the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and used to vanquish foes in the land of Canaan?
2) Could it be that advanced high energy mechanisms are still employed by those who control the world behind the scenes?
3) Why has the government quarantined the part of the Grand Canyon where Egypt-like artifacts were said to be discovered in caves high above the Colorado River?
4) Why did Abraham Lincoln say “The eyes of that extinct species of giant whose bones fill the Mounds of America have gazed on Niagara Falls as our eyes do now”?
5) Do you realize it would be impossible for Mt. Rushmore to be sculpted by dynamite?
6) Did you know in the 16th century the Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo said that in the 15th century California was populated by a superior race of people with light hair and ruddy cheeks whose women were of fine form and beautiful eyes?
7) Did you know that our money is not controlled by the government and that in order to get money it has to pay with interest the privately owned Federal Reserve with money obtained through taxes?
8) Did you know that California is depicted as an island on ancient maps and boats are unearthed in the California inland deserts?
9) Do you think it is possible that the reason why people sacrificed to the gods was so prevalent in ancient times was because the planetary orbs were at close proximity to our Earth and even interacted electrically with it?
10) Have you heard of the medieval fasces sonar device which was actually a handheld energy weapon of etched columns that derived its power from the ether which was the medium that formerly permeated a more highly energized space and which electromagnetic waves could be transmitted?
11) Did you realize that in the Old Testament the Hebrew names Elohim, Jehovah and Yahweh which are translated as Lord or God were formal titles or appellations for Saturn and that throughout myth and religion Saturn is depicted as the former sun or first sun or best sun?
12) Did you know that in ancient Egypt the god Horus was the Bull of Heaven (Heru-ka-pet) which is also their name for the planet Saturn and could this be the reason why the ancient Israelites worshipped the Golden Calf?
13) If Saturn rained down life giving energy in ancient times due to it close Northern locality would not the citizens of our world have been healthier, happier and more connected spiritually to others as well as to others of different species?
14) Did you realize that the Corta Marina map drawn up by Olaus Magnus in 1539 as well as the Abraham Ortelius map of 1573 shows a glacier free Iceland?
15) Did you know that the 1547 Benedetto Bordone map as well as the 1566 Ferando Beoteli map shows Iceland as well as Greenland with cities, lakes, rivers and forests and no ice and this is the real reason Greenland is called Greenland?
16) Could it be that this former Golden age was a time of abundance and prosperity and there was no reason to kill and eat animals?
17) Could it have possibly been true that formerly we got most of our energy requirements straight from the ether and simply put this is also the reason why in the very old buildings there are no bathrooms?
18) Is it possible that the Theory of Evolution is meant to deceive us and the Creation accounts of religion are comparatively recent events that are in actuality reorganizations of the cosmos?
19) Could it also be true that other concepts such as Geological Ages, Ice Ages and Continental Drift are also bogus and centuries and even millennia are staged and inserted to cloud the issues and separate us from reality?
20) Do you think that power and control are the real reasons behind most everything and it is not concern for others?
21) Do you realize that fish and krill get their Omega-3 from algae which are plants and instead of filtering nutrients through animals that are loaded with unhealthy fat we should go right to the source which is plants whom also contain enzymes for easy digestion.
22) Did you know that plants such as hemp contain the right balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 unlike fish and krill oils which putrefy very quickly and thus contain large amounts of bad bacteria?
23) Since 33 is the number for a high level Free Mason and Jesus is supposed to have lived 33 years could that mean Jesus was a member of that secret society which in that time was called the Rosicrucians?
24) Instead of islands and land masses drifting everywhere on theorized tectonic plates as is purposed in the Continental Drift theory wouldn’t it make more sense that they rise and fall such as the island of Frisland that was south of Iceland and which contained cities and was on maps up until the 17th century but suddenly disappeared?
25) Why is it that most forests around the world are less than 200 years old?
26) Could the reason that there were severe winters in 1412-1416, 1664-1666 and 1811-1816 in an otherwise ideal climate be that these were periods of resets where high energy was directed at a former sun?
27) Why is it that Antarctica is shown to surround us in ancient maps and was referred to as the Circulus Antarticus?
28) Why is the tip of South America called Tierra De Fuego which means Region of the Giants?
29) Did you realize the Canals of Venice are actually old streets?
30) Could it be that the Sahara and Gobi deserts along with the deserts in the Southwestern United States are just over 200 years old?
31) Is it true that many humans are stuck in a lower vibration?
32) Could it be true that the JR Tolkien books that include The Lord of the Rings which are concerned about the lives of Hobbits are based on actual events that occurred before the last reset?
33) Could stars be just projections of light and our current perceptions be just a psyop that has an intention to control our reality?
34) Could the reason why the large statues of Easter Island called Moai are 3/4 buried be because energy weapons liquified the ground producing a mud flood which also decimated all the trees there?
35) Did you know that many bacteria and virus infections are commonly diagnosed as cancer because that means big money to the medical industry who will then pressure the patient to radiate and operate?
36) Do you realize that our medical system is phony and that doctors, dentists and veterinarians will pressure you into being radiated and operated on then taking a bunch of worthless pharmaceuticals because that’s the way they get rich?
37) Are the spiral petroglyphs depictions of the lost realm of Saturn with it’s many rings?
38) Are the petroglyphs of various forms of elongated creatures depictions of Mars descending towards Earth with emissions of plasma?
39) Are the petroglyphs of an ark or boat emitting thunderbolts and with people inside shooting arrows also depictions of celestial events and is the same source for the story of Noah’s Ark?
40) Do you know that LED light, X-rays, mammograms and other medical scanners will exacerbate existing conditions, causing inflammation and weakening the immune system.
41) Isn’t it amazing that people believe that non existent dinosaurs die and turn into petroleum?
42) Wouldn’t be more sane to believe it was the red plasma orb Mars with plasmatic projections resembling horns, a tail and a pitchfork that fell from heaven as Lucifer?
42) Don’t you think it is more reasonable to believe that the cause of fossils and petrified wood is the sudden bombardment of intense energy rather than a very slow illogical process that is preached in uniformitarianism?
43) Is the reason the monolithic stones at Baalbek in Lebanon that weigh an estimated 1500 tons or 300,000 lbs. didn’t quite make it to their destination because of a sudden catastrophic event?
44) Is the reason 2 unfinished granite obelisks in the Aswan Quarry in Southern Egypt that are an estimated 1200 tons or 240,000 lbs. didn’t quite get finished and removed because of the same sudden and intentional catastrophic event?
45) Is the reason a 90 ton rose granite coffin shaped box at the Serapeum in Saqquara, Egypt didn’t quite make it through the narrow halls into it’s niche because of the same intentional, recent, catastrophic event?
46) Is the reason an estimated 150 ton, 72 foot tall Moai statue on Easter Island remains embedded in the Rano Raraku quarry at Rapa Nui because of the same catastrophic event that prevented it’s removal?
47) Did you know that the nano particles released in chemtrails are like little computer chips that go straight to the brain and remain there and can be accessed remotely?
48) Did you realize that these implanted nano chips can be used for synthetic telepathy and cause voices to actually be heard inside the brain?
49) Did you realize also that these same nano particles can be used to transfer memories, induce thoughts or modify behavior?
50) Did you know that the brain has been thoroughly mapped and the nano chips can monitor brain functions?
51) Did you know there are about 44,000 homeless people in Southern California who are being rounded up and will be used for organ harvesting and for the production of adrenochrome which is a terribly painful procedure that extracts the chemical compound from the spinal column?
52) Did you realize that adrenochrome produces a high and is addictive and users can be spotted by an appearance of a dark coloring around one of their eyes and these people who include high ranking politicians are referred to as members of the Black Eye Club?
53) Is it possible that in the near future in order to travel you will have to be fully vaccinated and have an RFID chip inside of you?
54) If you believe vaccines are good then wouldn’t it make sense the next time someone starts coughing near you have them cough in your mouth since they put viruses in ample quantities in the vaccines?
55) Did you know that tax money collected by city, county, state and Federal entities are immediately put into investment coffers which creates huge profits and that this investment wealth is not accountable to the taxpayer?
56) Did you know that projects are intentionally put off so money can remain invested and the ones who profit the most from this tax money scam hide their wealth in off shore accounts?
57) Did you know that when banks loan you money they don’t have money stored in their vaults that they use but create money out of thin air and you have to pay them for the creation of this forged digital money?
58) Did you know that L Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology and Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism were both high ranking Jewish Free Masons?
59) Did you know that the Old Testament account of the features, gates and areas around the walls of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem do not match what is actually there but describe perfectly the whole region around the Kremlin in Moscow?
60) Are you aware that in the 1700’s the city of Bologna in Italy had over 50 towering skyscrapers with electrical devices on top?
61) Could it be that the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Erie Canal and the 1100 mile Grand Canal in China are all constructions by a former culture?
62) Are you aware that it has been proven that a whole food vegan diet produces a stronger, healthier body and that this will lead to a longer and more productive life?
63) Since pigs are smarter than dogs and cows are like big puppies does it make any sense at all to look at some animals as objects for food and others as pets?
64) Are you cognizant of the fact that the pectin in apples will clean the body of toxins?
65) Are you also cognizant of the fact that magnetic clays such as Bentonite and French Green clay will attract heavy metals in the body and cause them to be flushed out?
66) Are you informed that chlorella, spirulina and hemp are nature’s superfoods and that turmeric is a close second?
67) Do you think it is a good idea to support the insane and psychopathic animal agriculture industry by buying their products?
68) Did you know that baking soda will kill bacteria and viruses and combining it with molasses or some sweetener is very effective because when bacteria and viruses eat the sugar they will die because of the baking soda?
69) Are you aware that lemon water, activated charcoal and colloidal silver are also very effective against the build-up of bacterial and viral infections and that the pharmaceutical products that are sold as an antibiotic remedy for these will also kill a lot of good bacteria resulting in a weakened immune system?
70) Is it reasonable to believe that there are alien life forces in other realms but when you start believing in aliens flying around in space ships you are going overboard?
71) Is it logical to assume that when you dream of childhood friends sometimes you are actually making a connection but more often than not you are just incorporating a dominant characteristic of them into your own life?
72) Would you consider that the Word of God or Logos was an audible outflow from Saturn during the flare-up at the so-called creation event?
73) Could it be that the legendary Seven Seas were the Seven Rings around Saturn that were looked upon as a Cosmic Ocean because of the billowing, chaotic and fluffy nature of Saturn’s nebular disk?
74) Is it true that the Colossus of Rhodes actually did speak and could it be that other ancient statues were technologically manipulated to give them the illusion of a voice?
75) Might it be true that the Statue of Liberty was not built by a Frenchman but was created by the Tartarians who were the former residents of America?
76) Are the powers that be trying to create plasma domes that will restrict people’s ability to travel outside of their dome?
77) Is it reasonable to say we are told what to believe and are rewarded for not doing our own thinking?
78) Can you conceive that Space-Ex is fake and Elon Musk is presenting a phony narrative?
79) Would it be proper to say that most people don’t really understand the reality in which we live?
80) Do you think that what is trying to be done is to enable our brains to interact directly with a computer whose information will be censured and by this means control our minds?