Organs are a marvel of elegance and majesty
They are the most powerful sound instrument in the world
They manipulate etherical energy

Cathedral windows were magnetrons which amplified their sound waves
This provided entire towns with specific frequencies for good health and prosperity
It also influenced the molecular structure and properties of water
Energizing it as living healing holy water

Roman baths were not baths
They were Tartarian cisterns of energized water

That is why the Bath Cathedral in Bath England
Is located right by the so called Roman baths

Energized water was also stored in water towers reservoirs and wells or step wells
The symmetrical pattern of step wells produced oscillation of ions
Which electrically charged the water

Arches were electromagnets straddling water
Such as the Volga Arch in the Volga Don Canal

The Coliseum in Rome was a huge cistern that electrically energized water

Palaces such as the Chatsworth House in England were not homes for nobility
They were electrical generating stations that used sound and living water
To cultivate cymatic gardens and grow crops

Each step on descending cascades varied the sound of falling water
Tunnels and channels directed water into dolphin spouts
Fountains could reach as high as 296 feet

Many castles were pumping stations
And their moats were energized water

Star Stations with stunning geometrical precision have been redesignated as star forts
They were also surrounded by or very close to water

Many cities especially in Europe were once Star Stations
They were advanced electrical generating stations with enhanced energized living water
They were a key component to the power grid

Their fractals of perfect symmetrical geometry
Caused the ions to perpetually vibrate

They were built like a massive snowflake
And expressed an ethereal vibration

They were a celebration of innovation
And an adoration of sound energy and frequency

They were instruments of power
And architectural music!