The Justinian Plague was the first fake epidemic
It preceded the manufactured Black Plagues

In both cases poison was dumped in the well water
And people would break out in black boils and swelling

In the Justinian Plaque a person had to have a tag to leave home
But like the Indian blankets they had the smallpox bacteria
And people who wore them got sick

Smallpox has always been one of the favorite methods of population reduction

At the first sign of infection people were quarantined in guarded camps
Then herded onto boats
Taken out to sea
And dumped overboard

As in Stalinist Russia the grain harvest was confiscated
Without enough food people easily got sick

Heavy taxes made people poor
And decreased ones ability to buy food

Christians were told this was Gods judgement

Justinian went on to oversee the 2nd Council of Constantinople
Where all references to reincarnation got excluded
From the newly formed collection of books called the Bible

The books of the Bible got continually modified during Councils at
Nicaea Ephesus Carthage Orange Philadelphia Lyons and Constantinople
But Christians still adamantly insist it is Gods word

Justinian proclaimed that if one believed in the preexistence of souls
Let him be anathema which means cursed

This was to incite fear of a heaven and hell judgement
That the consequences of not following orders
Will be eternal damnation

But if you accept the notion
That God had his Son murdered
In a torturous blood sacrifice

And if you eat his flesh and drink his blood in ritual ceremony
You will go to heaven

These same political and religious leaders
Promoted animal sacrifices
And performed human sacrifices behind closed doors

Human sacrifices still go on today
Where children are tied up and poked full of holes
And their blood is sucked as it comes out

The governing elite acting as
The Pope Cardinals Bishops and Priests
And also as Protestant leaders
Regularly molest children

The Protestant Reformation was a staged event

The Pope and Cardinals keep a retinue of kids
That they can sodomize at will

As with the Bible
History keeps getting rewritten

Time tables are changed
Events are swept under the rug

Religious mind control
Keeps people living in fear of retribution

Which keeps them subservient
To blood sucking vampires!