Everything we feel and think is an amplified light exchange within our DNA clusters

When black matter is rained upon us
It breaks up our bio photon light exchange

These rectangular fibers are part of the mind control system

New frequencies are brought inside our bodies
And microwave technology infiltrates us and connects to it

Our light body or aura then acts as a controlling signal
The fibers assemble quantum dot liquids and produce readable DNA light

We then turn into bio robots that can be remotely accessed

We are at the crossroads of choice
We can direct our consciousness to allow our resonance and power to restore the Divine Plan
To re harmonize with the original blueprint and design

It is our responsibility to feel the energy signatures
And respond to the ones that create our holographic reality fields

We are like a computer that needs to update its anti viral protection
We need to re encrypt the processes that overwrites
The distorted artificial anti life forces

Opposite forces of polarity were necessary for vibrational densification
That allow for the ascension of a complete eternal human being

The forces of polarity must be synthesized and mastered
To generate the alchemy of the Spirit and Body

We have to put intent into our heart
And think with our heart

Our abilities will then be restored
And we will be able to manifest our hearts desire!