1) Did you realize that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles were never blind but their producers thought it would be a great gimmick to get attention and so they went along with the chicanery and even after they got famous both had to keep up the hoax and fake their blindness throughout their whole career.
2) Did you know that Oprah Winfrey is a Jewish man and a transgender and he is from a very wealthy family that is related to many other famous and incredibly affluent Jewish families?
3) Are you aware that Martin Luther did not challenge the Pope’s authority when he posted his 95 thesis on the church door at Wittenberg but was just an envoy of the Pope starting a new branch of the same religion to satisfy the people’s grievances and the same power was secretly kept in control of the new Protestant churches?
4) Did you know that cannons were not weapons of war because gunpowder could not heave a heavy cannon ball very far and the small cannon balls would not do very much damage and also would be very inaccurate and that cannons are used as an explanation as to why stone buildings were blown to pieces in medieval times and in the fake Civil War when the real culprit was energy weapons?
5) Are you aware that the tensions between Iran and Israel along with the United states is all fake because the ruling Khomenei, Komnene or Khomeine family of Iran is all the same and are Jewish and the enriching of uranium to weapons grade that is supposedly the reason for the friction is all phony?
5) Can you conceive of the fact that the impeachment of President Trump was planned way before he took office and will probably be used as a reason why the United States does not retaliate immediately in the upcoming war?
6) Could it be even remotely possible that the Korean War was the subjugation of both North and South Korea and that all the North Korean ICBM testing is fake and the Christmas gift that the fake North Korean President Kim Jong-un promised America will be blamed on a non existent nuclear weapon from North Korea?
7) Can it also be possible that along with the fake eclipse on December 26 the killer asteroid that is said will visible on the same day will also be fake and maybe there will be a fake collision on the moon using projectors, reflectors and holographic imagery?
8) Could there even be a small possibility that the fake asteroid will be used as a reason for a huge earthquake, volcano or tsunami?
9) Will there be a preplanned stock market crash after all this takes place?
10) Do you realize that the people who are promoted on TV, radio and U-Tube deliberately distort the truth and do what they are told in order to move up in rank in the Free Masons and thus acquire more privilege?
11) Do you know that microwave ovens will change the chemical composition of food thus rendering it carcinogenic?
12) How can humans say they are more evolved than wolves and coyotes when for them they have to eat other animals or die of starvation and this instinct has been passed down to them from their ancestors who had to do the same thing where humans eat other beings just for taste pleasure, convenience, tradition and habit?
13) Did you know that when you keep animals on your plate you not only loose your health and your well-being but you loose your compassion, your humanity and yourself?
14) Can this be true that a simple way to determine if something is humane or not is just to ask yourself if you would want it done to you?
15) Since it only takes about a half an hour to digest fruit, vegetables or a salad and it takes over 3 days to fully digest a steak could this indicate what we are supposed to be eating?
16) Could it be true that coal powered steam plants are just ground based chemtrail producers along with providing water vapor into the atmosphere to create artificial weather because our natural weather has been neutralized from the chemicals sprayed into the air and the whole climate change verbiage is just an attempt to place the blame elsewhere?
17) Did you know that the alter-ego of Yahweh (Saturn) was Ashtarte (Venus) who was also referred to in the Old Testament as Anath, Ashtoreth and the Queen of Heaven and because of the imagery involved was seen as androgynous or a female with masculine traits and this hermaphroditic god is the basis for why in Jewish culture cross dressing and bisexuality is so prevalent?
18) Did you realize that the god Baal referred to so many times in the Old Testament means Hidden or Dark Lord and this term comes from the time when Saturn first appeared and is the same god as Bel and Belus?
19) Are you aware that the shrine in Egypt where the fleeing Israelites camped and payed homage at named Baal Tsaphon (Zephon) means North and this story has it’s roots in the theatre of the sky and is an allusion to the God Saturn who resided in the Northern realm??
20) Did you realize that Baal Hammon was a reference to Venus and means Venus in front of Saturn and is the same thing as in the Exaltation of Inanna where Venus is hatched in the Cosmogonic Egg and emits radiant light and brilliant luminosity?