A hellish virtual reality called Daath
Awaits those plugged in to the extremely powerful AI hive mind

Where the omnipresent manufacture of stolen codes
Makes a constant whirring of machinery
That turn out clones with reversed templates

False holograms are transmitted by a linked network of moons
Which are artificial satellites

The fake moons invert the instruction sets of the solar logos coding
And they siphon consciousness to be used as a powering mechanism

The bizarre Daath architecture has been built upon
The institutional torture and ritual abuse of humans and animals

The Daath world is hosted by invaders from a fallen parallel matrix

If you were born into the high ranking families
Then you have been tortured into submission

If you have been placed in a artificial transhumanistic body
Then you are incapable of ascension
Because the soul has been disconnected from the body

The energetic balance of life
Has been in the hands of dark forces from another world

The promised land of the chosen people
Is a land of inverted phantom realities
And it is waiting for them in their personal domain

But the Daath World is collapsing in a downward spiral
Until it collides with the first dimensional layer

And the sprawling networks of AI
That continually run machined photons
Will expire!