The moon never passes in front of the sun
It follows the sun
It is a craft

Astronomers say the moon becomes invisible before it eclipses the sun
Do not question the high priests of the Sky Lords

NASA says it will shoot 2 rockets at the eclipse to study atmospheric disturbances
NASA means to deceive in Hebrew but believe whatever they tell you anyway

CERN says its on a righteous quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe
Do not think for yourself just go along with it

When the newsman tells you the fireballs over California are either meteors
Or debris from Space X at Vandenberg AFB
Always think that he knows what he is talking about

Same goes with the streaks of lights over Phoenix
Believe that they are star link satellites that have just been launched into orbit

When you learn that comets are ice balls with cryogenic ice volcanoes
That are ignited by the sun
But the comet itself does not melt
Just shut up and believe it

When you can walk outside and see drones emitting lines of chemical exhaust
That billow out and fall to the ground in heaps
Ignore your senses and agree that it is all just the condensation of water

Never entertain the possibility that the government uses chemicals to control the population
Concur that fluoride in water and toothpaste is good for you
And believe a mentally unstable person in a white coat on TV when he tell you that

Same goes with the diatomic nano particles and graphene oxide

To not adhere to any conspiratorial ideas
That the elite want to change our double helix DNA to a triple helix
Thereby transforming humans into hybrids

Same goes with the concept of getting rid of the connection
Of the cerebral cortex to the pineal gland
Or the intertwining of human DNA with archon consciousness

If you see a big Jesus in the sky
Or a newscast of an alien landing
Believe that it is all legit

When the Atlantean civilization fell
It took 6 days of multitudinous events until things settled down
And God could have a rest

In this Wonderland humans have been intentionally deceived and gotten off track
We are all mad here Alice!