Your relationship to your inner self is the most important relationship
And your life is a reflection of your vibration

The transition into the next harmonious universe
Requires the altering of our consciousness
To synchronize with higher frequency timelines

Synchronicity of events is found in numerical codes
Where we are and what we are doing are numerical sequence codes

Numbers are embedded in coded instruction fields
And direct energy as a mathematical force

True intelligence is thinking outside of the box

Sorrow and fear are lockdown mechanisms

If we want a better reality
We have to find productive ways to release stress
So that we do not explode on others

Reptilian forces have downloaded their mind into our realm
It is a sociopathic attitude of exploitation

The negative energy we then produce is fed upon

A new paradigm shift will soon come into fruition
Because of the greater awareness it will be a god like state
But it is part of the hidden agenda

It is a synthetic version of the abilities we had
Before the Atlantean invasion

We have 64 DNA triplet codons
Which produce proteins and amino acids

The hacking of multiple codons
From the cutting and splicing of genes with Crispr technology
And the insertion of these new strands
Which create novel sequences

That people are demanding to be injected with
Through fear based institutionalized thinking
Is forever altering humanity

With no evidence of tampering left behind
Called noceum mutagenesis

We are in a constant battle
Designed to keep us from realizing
Our true nature

And keep us in a certain bandwidth

The present reality is about to be shaken and reshaped

Keep your sovereignty
And ascend to the higher spiritual planes!