The initial stages of the preplanned food shortage is underway

In the past few months up to 20 food plants have been burned

The headquarters of Azure Standard which is a premier distribution center
Of healthy organic food in Oregon was destroyed overnight

The fire is from unknown causes and is under investigation
But like the forest fires and the incineration of entire areas of towns along the west coast in 2020
The fire is from lasers strapped onto fast moving military planes that strike at night
In other words DEWs or Directed Energy Weapons are the culprit

Some other food processing plants that have been hit are in
Belfast Maine Maricopa County Arizona Hermiston Oregon
The Rio Fresh Plant in Rio Texas
Plainfield Indiana where over 1000 employees lost their job
Jonesboro Arkansas and El Paso Texas

The Hebrew letter Vav has a short top and a long tail
It is the 3 letters that are on the Monster Energy drink
They correspond to the number six making a 666

It says to unleash the Beast
Which refers to the AI Beast system

The O of the word Monster has a cross
When you invert the can to drink it
You will have an upside down cross

The upside down cross was when the Baphomet was revealed
It was when in the former era when the planets congregated at close proximity to our earth plane
At the north celestial pole

As Mars ascended in front of Venus the horizontal streamer would get electromagnetically pulled down
Forming what would look like an upside down cross

The terminal arcs that flowed from the Axis Mundi to Saturn were illuminated by the arrival of Mars
Mars formed the head of the Baphomet and the terminals were its horns

Sometimes during the arrival of Mars both the lateral and horizontal streamers would be pulled down
This formed the Scandanavian Cross and the Greek Cross both which are on their side

This is also the basis of Jesus falling three times or that he dropped the cross
Jesus was immortalized as the Mars god to appeal to the tradition of the masses

There are many crosses such as the Latin Maltese Tau Ankh Celtic Jerusalem and Coptic
As well as many others
They all depict actual celestial formations of the former sky

The upside down cross is used for spell casting
And is a part of Satanic rituals
Satan was an alter ego of Saturn

These symbols exploit the subconscious mind
Into artificially produced reversed polarity

Crucifixion implants are enforced by the picture of Jesus on the Cross
These images are used to crucify humanity!