Synchronicity takes us out of ourselves
And connects us to the divine

It reassures us of our magical universe
And guides us in the right direction
It creates mile markers on the path of life

Synchronicity tells you something is happening
That is meant to happen
And that it is happening at the right time at the right moment

Synchronicity combines quantum physics with spirituality

Open your heart and mind
Supercharge your attention on what you want
Get rid of the negative filter

All around you is a magical connection
Realize the power of your thoughts
Get positive

Life is trying to help
Walk toward the signs

Train yourself that what you come upon
Was placed there for you to find

Many times the clues are guardrails
To keep you on the right path

You are meant to be in alignment
And the world is trying to help you

When you expect to see signs
And anticipate a positive occurrence
You fire up neurons in your brain
And program it to spot synchronicities

Train your brain for miracles

Self love and self support produces self confidence

You manifest who you are
And what you are resonating
So resonate an expectation of important positive events in your life

Synchronicity tells you that you are loved
And that life is worth living

There are signs all around you
That you have a beautiful life to live!