The plasma field is your playing field to claim your victory
Believe it and you will imprint it

You can create because you are a fractal expression of the God Source
And the organic energy of the field

We are different versions of each other
And we are just playing out our individual version of how we ascended

Knowing this is everything you need
And it is the key to your freedom

Get your power
Stand your ground
Give the code into the field that you have won
And move forward

Everything is connected energetically
In a geometry of codes

You are projecting into the collective
Imagine strong positive vibrations emanating from you

Challenges are just lessons to never give your freedom away
Your response holds the trajectory of the frequency

There is power in unity
And the center of consciousness is the heart

You are being activated
The heart has the codes to portals

If you stay in the heart you will overturn unwanted frequencies
And convert negative to positive

Summon the feelings of happiness
Be glad joyful content enthusiastic
Elated cheerful euphoric optimistic and ecstatic

When you put those frequencies into your hologram
You will emanate power!