The Hebrew word Ragic translated as firmament or dome
Means expanse with the connotation that it was brought into existence violently
It refers to Saturns 7 separate rings or 7 heavens

Another Genesis word Shamayim is a plural of the word heaven

The Talmud Hekalot is what one must pass through to reach the Throne of Glory
It consists of fire and water

Hell is also composed of 7 divisions

In the Secrets of the Book of Enoch
The torture that one must pass through
To get to Gods Abode is described

Hell or Hades was the celestial underworld
Hindus believe there are 7 levels to the underworld

The creator Satan formed a dwelling place for himself and called it heaven
It was a circumstellar disk

The Duat is the realm of Osiris
It was a circular enclosure that had 7 halls

Ancient Babylonian belief is that there are 7 gates which divide the cosmos

In the Book of Enoch
Gods glory is a flowing fire that is round about him
It consists of 7 sheaths

Sailing the 7 seas has its origin in the 7 circles of light around Saturn

The Hebrew word ym can either mean sea or day
Depending on a non existent vowel

In deciphering the Hebrew language
Masoretic scribes inserted marks to dictate vowel sounds
The word yom was born in the Genesis account

So instead of the 7 seas of creation
It became the 7 days of creation

The stars sun moon animals and trees were added later
To account for why it took Elohim 7 days to accomplish his creation

Elohim is the Hebrew word for Saturn

Ancient cities such as Nabada Eridu and Baghdad
Were reproductions of the celestial city
That had a central hub surrounded by radiating circles

Later the 7 rings morphed into 3

The 7 Sages became the 3 Wise Men
Who presided over the birth of Mars

The story then was projected onto the life of Jesus
For the purpose of trying to portray his divinity

The promotion of Jesus as God
Is based in the heavens

And the former celestial world
Has been relegated to myth!