In Hebrew www is 666
Which is the code for the black cube of Saturn

At the graduation of your indoctrination
You wear a black cube on your head

This means the waveforms of Saturns black cube
Has overtaken the consciousness of the graduate
And they are now in a higher state of an amnesia like illusion

Hexagons do not appear naturally
A low frequency sine tone will create a hexagon
The one at Saturns north pole is the result of an artificial sound wave

Its frequency affects the brains ability to decode sensory data
It is putting a hex on us

In the movie the Planet of the Apes
An electromagnetic storm near Saturn
Causes the astronauts to see another version of the earth

We are given a code of reality that we think is our true reality
As a result our consciousness and power are hijacked

The transient lunar phenomenon on the moon include bright spots and brilliant flashes
That come in many colors
Cloud like formations are seen covering the surface
Fast moving objects called RODS are frequently spotted around the moon

We cannot operate on low frequency any longer
Because our world is switching to a higher dimension

World leaders will not be able to hold a high vibration
Their decisions will backfire
They will become confused and suffer breakdowns

Plans of war and destruction will fall by the wayside
And the insiders will be found out
The negative structure will collapse

The souls who cannot ascend
And those who are disengaged from compassion
Will get recycled by Source

People are starting to look beneath the exterior
The veil of deception is starting to unravel

Consciousness has its own evolution
And the time has come for suffering to stop

Enough is enough!