Psalm 74:13 reads
Elohim breaketh the head of the dragon Leviathon
In the midst of the waters

Psalm 89:10 reads
Thou has cut Rahab to pieces

Job 26:12 and 13
Thou has smote Rahab
And pierced the fleeing serpent

Job 41:19
Out of the mouth of Leviathon goes flaming torches

This is Yahweh in his primeval conquest of the dragon Leviathon or Rahab
Also called Yom or Tehom

Indra also defeats the dragon Vritra who has struck terror into all the people
Vritra also called Ahi the serpent lies on a great mountain
Allowing the waters to glide toward the celestial ocean

The Finnish hero Sampsa defeats the dragon by striking the magic oak tree with his axe
Allowing the sun to shine again

An intriguing aspect of the Mars warrior hero
Is that he descends into the belly of the dragon before conquering it

Heracles is devoured by the water monster
Tangaroa is swallowed by a whale
Kukuipahui is swallowed by a shark

Jason in his expedition to recover the Golden Fleece enters a giant dragon and temporarily dies
Maui enters a dragon and dies
Gilgamesh Cuchulain Maui all become temporarily lethargic or sleep after a heroic deed

Jonah spends 3 days in the belly of a whale

The Celtic Finn was in the womb of his mother who then turns into a nag like dragon
He kills her and then is reborn

Venus was the Lion of Heaven
Her bright rays extended outward
Inanna was the Lion who shines in the sky who becomes the great dragon
She was the torch star with a terrifying radiance and awesome splendor

Lamashtu had the head of a lion
Sukhmet is the primeval flame throwing snake
This is the same stellar goddess who makes the habit of assuming the form
Of a fire spewing serpent

South American Pura becomes a red dwarf as he resides upon the world mountain
He enters the belly of a serpent kills it and changes size
And Hunuman is ruby red and does the same thing

The red planet Mars in a previous epoch would ascend in front of or in the womb of the much bigger Venus
Who is the Mother Goddess
And the swelling of size is the result of descending the polar axis towards the earth plane

Aphrodite who is Venus says
I am aloft on my perch
Above yonder places of the abyss

Jesus is pictured as an infant on the lap of his mother Mary who is Venus
He dies and spends 3 days in the abyss before being reborn

The belly of the dragon is synonymous with the womb of the Mother Goddess!