The fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk has it’s roots in the former age. Jack was Mars, the giant was Saturn and his wife was Venus. The beanstalk was the world pillar or axis mundi which was highly luminous. The goose who laid the golden eggs and the Magic golden harp were plasma configurations. The eggs were plasmoids that were the same as the golden apples of the Garden of Eden. They were also the angels on Jacobs ladder the went up and down the ladder which was the axis mundi or north polar vortex. The harp was lines of current resonating a vibration from the influx of electrical energy. It was the same as the music of the spheres. The giant falling down the beanstalk after Mars was Saturn falling from His position at the top of heaven. The great God, the good Lord. the Heavenly Father. the King of Kings whose life giving rays were made plentiful to all. His reign was over. To be replaced by the present sun.