In the 1927 movie Metropolis
A clone of a beloved leader is created
To subvert the masses

Clones are used as puppets
Often acting counter to the conscious intentions and choices
Of the being who has been copied

The Wicker Man is a mock effigy
In a sacrificial burning funeral pyre

It is assorted black magic technology
Which is used for psycho spiritual warfare

Targeting individuals who make an intrusion upon
The alien practice of farming humans

It is similar to a Voodoo Doll
Which represents a specific person

By placing their destiny in the hands of entities
People call upon them to exert their influence

In the English myth of Stingy Jack
Jack could not get into heaven or hell
So he carved a turnip
And lit it with a candle
Then wondered the earth looking for a resting place

In the preceding age
When the planets were gathered in the North celestial realm
Mars was very active

Heaven was the highest realm
It was the abode of the Most High god Saturn
Hell was the lowest celestial realm
It was darker
And earth was the celestial middle ground

A turnip with a candle inside
Was a plasma discharge phenomenon

Jack is Mars
And this is the origin of the Jack O Lantern

The masses have been polarized with insignificant deceptive ideas
Such as the belief that voting Democrat or Republican matters
Which divert thoughts and perceptions away from positive agendas

The promotion of religious systems
Hijacks the direct spiritual connection
With our Higher Self

Transhumanism and in many cases transgenderism
Disconnects a persons soul energies
So that they will not activate as readily

Our DNA potentials are not reached
When we are not connected to our spiritual source

By aligning with a higher spiritual expression
We resolve energy conflicts
And overcome barriers!