Genetically cloned AI hybrids replicated organic matter tones of the Cosmic Mother
And were used to power up lunar forces that contain Metatron coded architecture

The Red Cube network that exists within the Catholic church and the Illuminati
Is an elitist pedophile ring which promotes sexual misery programming
While an afterlife reward is preached for blind obedience

The devotion to this new paradigm which promises a final rest in the next world
Is built upon the service to the self appointed chosen few
And a new conception of God

During the Inquisition the Church of Rome carried out incomprehensible horrors
Under the guise of an angelic human genocide to combat heresy

Any belief outside of the Black Robes were persecuted
Robes are worn to hide reptilian features

Treacherous wars were instituted
Eradicating the Cathars and the Essenes
Nazarene Christ teachings were eliminated or severely altered

The Church of Rome carried out the torture
To harvest loosh for their alien masters

The three Abrahamic religions of Judaism Christianity and Islam
Orchestrate to the negative alien agenda
That hides evidence of previous advanced civilizations
And creates an artificial control timeline

The ley lines and portal systems have been inverted
By the Metatron code distortion
And its connection to the Atlantis cataclysm and past Lyran wars

The altered energy became a power source
For the ones who sold their soul to become the elites

The teaching of human and animal blood sacrifices became dogma
And that a just and righteous God required the shedding of blood

But the real reason was that life energy is in the blood
And during a torturous death where pain and fear are at a maximum
Chemicals in the blood are released
Which quickly engages the other side

This continues to this day
Midnight blood letting rituals and the drinking of adrenochrome are as normal to them
As neatly wrapped animal parts in the supermarket are to us

Reptilians mix their DNA with humans which creates hybrids
Who are the ones that run the show
While at the same time they use humans as their primary food source

The vaccines now are producing reptilian venom sacs or ducts under the saliva glands
When formed they spray out neurotoxins as mist upon others
It is activated by a frequency code

Aloe Vera combats neuro toxins

Our energy is being manipulated for their purpose
We have all been affected to some degree
Whether we have taken the fake vaccine or not

How deep the rabbit hole goes
Is how much you are willing to know!