Genesis 10:10 says: The beginning of Nimrod’s kingdom was Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar.
These cities have not been found but are placed in modern day Turkey, Syria and Iraq.
Abraham the so-called father of Israel is supposed to have come from Ur of the Chaldees which is placed in this same area but again there is nothing to support it.
On the East Coast of Canada in Quebec City there is the Plains of Abraham.
There is also the Heights of Abraham and the Coast of Abraham.
The Ursalines took over this region.
Tradition has it that Abraham built a great temple called the Temple of Ur or Uruk.
In Quebec City at the end of what was formerly called Abraham Street you will find the La Citadelle de Quebec.
It is a massive old Star Fort of which only approximately one half remains.
Uruk is phonetically the same as Erech which corresponds to Iroquois who are the Five Confederated Tribes in the same region.
The Chaldees is a corruption of Accad or Akkadians.
The land of Accadia is actually Arcadia.
Arcadia was the name of the East Coast of America whose boundaries went from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine all the way down to Georgia.
It was closely associated with the Tartarian Empire.
The Arcadians were a copper skinned people that intermarried with the Iroquois and were expelled into slavery to the Caribbean, England and France after the French and Indian War which was part of the worldwide Seven Years War 1755-1762.
The Iroquois Nation consisted of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and the Seneca.
The Arcadians also had relations with the Wabanaki Confederacy who were dark skinned.
The Wabanaki Confederacy consisted of the Mikmaq, Maliseet (Wolastoqey), Passamaquoddy (Peskotomuhkatiyik), Abenaki and the Penobscot.
Later descendants of the Arcadian women who were impregnated by their French masters were allowed to return to Louisiana.
They spoke French and were called Cajuns which is short for Arcadians.
The other regions in Nimrod’s kingdom were Calneh and Babel.
Calneh also rendered Canneh was the old pronunciation of Canada.
In Quebec there is the Louis Babel Ecological Preserve.
Lake Manicouagan surrounds the preserve.
The center island is called Rene-Levasseur and is the world’s second largest lake island behind Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.
The highest peak of Rene-Levasseur island is Mount Babel.
Everyone is familiar with the story of The Tower of Babel because it is mentioned in Genesis as a city with a tower.
The Apocryphal book of Jubilees says that the Most High sent a mighty wind and that the top was burnt, the bottom was swallowed by the earth and the middle was left but was eroded.
The Apocryphal book of Asher says that one third of the Tower of Babel is still visible high up in heaven.
These are references to the Axis Mundi which is the highly charged stream of electrical plasma that extends down into the Earth’s North Pole.
In the previous era it was visible from far distances because of it’s higher intensity but was more apparent in northern localities.
It was typically referred to as a tower, mountain, river or tree that extended up to the Gate of God.
It was also referred to as the Spirit of the Most High God.
The Most High was Saturn and Nimrod the mighty hunter before (under) the Lord was Mars.
Nimrod’s kingdom which was the Land of Shinar is a reference to the Realm of Saturn in the former sky in which Mars became very active going up and down the Axis Mundi earning his appellation of a mighty hunter.
There is also Babylon Canyon off the Northeast Cost in the Atlantic Ocean.
In the Book of Isaiah it says said The Lord will smite the mouth of the Euphrates River into seven streams.
He said this will take place at the Egyptian Sea.
But the Euphrates River empties into the Persian Gulf.
This was an allusion to the River of God (The Axis Mundi) culminating in the seven rings of Saturn.
Could the two Great Rivers of Babylon mentioned in the Old Testament not be the Euphrates and Tigris but the Mississippi and the 1900 mile long St. Lawrence SeaWay (Rivea de Canada)?
The St. Lawrence SeaWay becomes tidal at Quebec City.
And could the Dead Sea be the Great Salt Lake in Utah which is much bigger?
Along those lines could Utah be the ancient Israel?
Areas in Utah which also appear in the Bible are Ephraim, Goshen, Mt. Carmel, Eden, Moab, Canaan, Gog and Magog etc.
The Jordan River goes into the Great Salt Lake and it’s counterpart goes into the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea.
Two other massive inland Seas in the Utah and Nevada area were Lake Bonneville and Lake Lahontan.
The Mormons didn’t name the lands they took the lands after massacring the inhabitants of Utah during the Black Hawk War.
Finding a tablet with undecipherable writing would not have been unique if Joseph Smith actually did find one.
Quite a few tablets of stone or copper were found such as the one Nez Perce Chief Joseph (Chief Rolling Down Thunder) which he gave to General Miles as a token to treat his people with consideration.
But as stated in the Mormon Book of Abraham that the tablet was translated by an Angel named Moroni from the star Kolob which is in the Center of the Universe near God is obviously a fabrication.
That idea hearkens back also to the time of the Age of Saturn who reigned in his heavenly kingdom in the close Northern realms shining brightly even in the day and was considered by many to be the Center of the Universe.
Could the Colorado River be the Brook Of Egypt?
That would make the Gulf of California the Red Sea.
And California which used to be an island would be Palestine.
The nowhere to be found Cedars of Lebanon would be the Redwoods or Sequoia trees of California.
So what happened is the people in the Tartarian cities in what is now America were eradicated.
The East was radiated in the Seven Years War and the West in the so-called War of 1812.
In the Seven Years War the rural copper skinned Arcadians were expelled in waves of expulsion which resulted in their death and slavery.
The dark skinned Wabanaki Confederacy were also forcibly evacuated and sent to Africa namely Liberia.
The Iroquois were also decimated and sent into slavery.
The ethnic Asian tribes who were either living up north or who traditionally migrated had taken up residence in what is now America after the big climate change in the early 1800’s were all either killed or relocated to unwanted areas.
This paved the way for white people.
White people were mostly from breeding programs of European royalty.
They were introduced into America in the middle to late 1800’s to occupy the empty cities.
Secret breeding programs continued well into the 1900’s.
The new inhabitants were given a false history and a false religion.
The old cultures were peaceful, honest and caring.
The new white culture was deceitful, selfish and psychotic.
And what once was free is now being charged payment.