A red band is worn by many faithful adherents to belief systems
It is the String of Fate worn by Hindus and Buddhists

The red band is worn by Japanese
Who believe it will attract their destiny

Others wear it to ward off the evil eye
To attract their soul mate and to improve relationships

Venus the Daughter of the Flame and the Rose of Heaven
Banded with the encircling Red Serpent or Ouroboros
When she did she held the circle of heaven in a magical bond
And became the Witch Star

The outer band of Saturn became red
When it was filled with plasma from the Holy Torch of Heaven
As she held it in her hand

Members of the Illuminati also wear a red bracelet
And believe it is a sign of protection

In the Kabbalah Rachel the mother of Joseph has magical powers
And wears a band on her left wrist for protection

In the Old Testament Joseph wears a multicolored tunic
And the other 12 brothers are jealous of him

Rachel is Venus and Joseph is Mars
The multicolored coat can be associated with the Trickster god
Who changes his appearance

The 12 brothers are also the 12 apostles
That made up the cubed octahedron or heavenly tetrahedron

It was a piezoelectric crystal cathedral in the sky
The center Chrystal was the Christos or Mars

This conjugation formed a cosmic capacitor with the ability to make life
And was the communion of the saints

Domus Dei Et Porta Coeli

O how awe inspiring is this place
The House of God
At the Gate of Heaven!