The Fountain of Youth
Is the northern axis of life giving plasma

It is the universal sustaining pillar
Where the gods and goddesses meet during times of activity

Come ye Naiads and to the Fountain of Life bring
Songs propitious maids which are your task to sing

Amidst the gardens of Hesperus and his daughters three
Sing melodies as you fly about the golden tree

Sea Cybeles at airy distance fresh from the ocean
Take wing with magnetic motion

The Fountain of Youth is also the Jupiter Column
Where the plasma snake will rise from under the world

It also creates beds of hyacinth and roses
Where young Adonis oft reposes

It is the Tree of Life that is energetically connected to all ley lines

O virgin deserving of fond lovers
Attracts attention as she sings and hovers

Her sweet and solemn tale
Rides the wind into the deep gale

The plasma column is pure charged energy emanating from the Source

The loveliest vision by far
Is Phoebe the sapphire gilded star

High and mystic Cupid has advanced
And holds his dear Psyche sweetly entranced

After his wonderings and labors long
Gets free consent from the gods among

Echo the sweetest nymph unseen
Meanders slowly in the garden green

And in her violet embroidered vale
Goes nightly to sing her songs of mourning well

The heavenly urchins celebrate with their dance of mirth
As they round the green tree that have given them rebirth

Those that are nearest are linked in order bright
With those more distant who scantly show their eyes of light

Flying up above the clouds with a smile of bliss
They turn to greet each other with tidings of a kiss

In dark disguise tonight
The young heroine veils her light

At midnight her passion is seen flowing
Her moaning of desire and feeling glowing

In all her ardor that she is sharing
She is rewarded with a kiss by a youth daring

Her high pitched shrill of song was rife
With echoed sensation of a boundless life!