In order to defeat the darkness
You have to see it for what it is

Graphene nanotech encased in hydrogel is now being put in processed foods and animal products
They self replicate into tube like structures with high electrical conductivity

The Satanic transhumanism agenda wants to digitize everyone with synthetic biology
They want to alter human creation with genetically modified food
That prevents the third generation from procreating

They want a pill popping culture of opioid and meth addicts

But human consciousness is on the precipice of a great awakening
Soul agreements of Starseeds put them on the front lines holding the light

Our DNA holds infinite wisdom
Our hearts and minds have the ability to expand and connect to other dimensions

When we recognize our boundless potential our power is amplified and our intuitive gifts are activated
When we align higher thoughts with matching frequencies our potency builds exponentially

Own your space and be mindful of the energetic field
Feel your vibrational frequency and adapt a unity consciousness
By doing so you will change fear into love

Sever the cords of the survival mode of your reptilian brain
Reprogram your nervous system by eliminating limiting thought forms

Reptilians and their human hybrids are the real ones behind the scenes
They buzz like a fridge and you do not want to be around them

You do not want to make eye contact
Because they are like witches and can hypnotize you with a stare

They are completely incapable of empathy and love
And thrive on our negative emotions for their energy

Despite their power they have a shallow life
What is the point of life without love for others

The viruses are nano technology designed to target specific systems in the body
They have been aerosolized and sprayed down upon us
The purpose is to control neural circuitry through optogenetic manipulation

And the controlled circus media creates a crisis
That is producing a psychotic world

Do not give into the fear
And do not be locked in a negative timeline

Now is the magical time of twilight
It is a miraculous period of electromagnetic frequency and plasma encoding us and enhancing our DNA
Where we allow our Divine Source and sacred heavenly guides to empower us

Codes are sound vibrations and geometric sequences
We can create our own reality with our energetic laser like projections

Our perception is controlling everything we experience
We can construct and deconstruct timelines and move forward

What we project we will see!