Our individual brain functioning
Is a microcosm
Of the macrocosmic earth brain activity

The amygdala of our brain
Is what receives hormonal secretions
Producing emotional reactions

Negative stimulations will change brain circuitry
Forming new memory associations

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a result
Of hyperactivity of the amygdala

The earth brain operates in the same way
The crystal shelves are its amygdala

When there is damage to the crystal quartz mind shelves of the earth
It changes the energy output patterns
And the ability to transmit proper frequencies

This results in the improper firing of brain neurotransmitters in humans
Which leads to irrational and instinctual impulses

When the earths crystal amygdala is repaired
More harmonic brain wave functioning will occur in humans
Which allows the proper transmission of signals across synapses
Specifically the chemical hormones
Glutamate GABA dopamine serotonin and melatonin

Helping to formulate more appropriate neural networks

The earths dolomite is magnesium compounds
Which also relates to frequency transmissions

The neurotransmitters of the earth brain
Are gem and crystal deposits

The incoming bio plasma light is being crystallized
And this morphogenesis restructures the nerve system of the world

We are all nerve cell extensions
Of the earths neural network

By transmitting benevolent crystal frequencies
With the aid of crystals to rebalance ourselves
We help rebuild the earths crystalline network

Which will direct conduits of energy
In the interdimensional superhighway of crystalline light

Releasing the elements of creation

And enabling the communication with the stars
In every direction of time and space!