2023 is the year of opportunity
And the heavens are speaking

The northern lights and the aurora borealis are extending out
And pouring their electrical healing and currency upon us

Increased plasma is causing the sun to have magnetic pulsations called coronal mass ejections
Solar flares cast the resplendent radiance of life giving plasma upon our being

2023 is the year of 7 2+2+3=7
7 denotes the energies of the heavens
And our ability to plug in to the illumination of the divine

7 is the golden light of our intentions and our affirmations
It is the number that sparks the light of fire and desire

Be aware that the energy you draw to yourself by your thoughts and actions are increasing
What you put out and what you do to yourself are part of the energy alchemy that swings back into you
Be responsible for the wishes you are casting forward

You came in as a powerful sovereign spirit
Do not beat yourself down with limited viewpoints of yourself
But give yourself credit for where you are

Look at the pulsating potentials of celestial frequency
Push and pull back
Lean in and step out
Align yourself with energies

2023 is the time to be with others and for sexual intimacy
It is a wonderful alchemical magic carpet ride
Your light will turn on and your candle flame will shine for everybody

Do not accept poison darts and injections of negativity from others
You did not come through a birth canal to seek the validation and approval of others

Instead play with the frequency of life and the empowerment of the heavens
Recharge your soul at the harbor of harmony

Know the game and be clever
Brainwashing is the checkmate of the negative system
The negative side hijacks platforms of reality

TV is a distraction that sucks your life force
It programs the human consciousness and prevents your ability to manifest
It puts you on a low vibrational narrative

Learn to fluctuate your emotions from negative to positive
It is critical in creating a signal into your timeline
That will produce an outcome of your desire

2023 is a blessing
But your power is only amplified when you dive deep into your shadows
And uncover limiting beliefs and programming that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential

Suppressed trauma and long forgotten wounds that never fully heal
Need to be exposed and released

Harness and put into action your wisdom
Your gifts are needed

And the world needs you for an eternal change
That will live on in a legacy for all!