As the plasma column at the center of our universe
Increases in oscillation and frequency

The electrically charged planets and sun
Will drift towards the magnetic north pole

The gathering of planets in the north
Was the Battle of the Titans as they exchanged electrical potential

It was the theatre of the gods
The scene for all the stories of myth
And the basis for all of the religions of today
The north polar column is an electrical transmitter or plasma volcano

Our universe is an electrolytic cell
With a central primary tube surrounded by 2 electrodes
It produces a luminous image on a fluorescent screen
Called the Aurora Borealis or North Wind

The 2 electrodes are directly opposite each other
And shoot out of the Arctic Ocean

One is a positive anode and the other is a negative cathode
They can be seen on ancient maps
One is called the Husiarca and the other the Polus Magenta
The Arctic is off limits to the average person

In mythical times when the Polar Column was energized
The arcs came together and formed the World Mountain

The terminals of these cosmic wires
Then spread out and became white wings
Or the pearly gates of heaven

When the world age comes to an end
Humans flock to the North Pole

This is the Exodus of the Old Testament to the promised land
The Central Column was the fire by day and cloud by night
Columbia means Column of Ia or Ea who was Saturn

The land in the north was the original Tartaria
Tar meaning sap or plasma of the World Tree

The plasma was also the manna or food of the gods

When the new age dawned the kingdom of Tartaria spread south
And became a worldwide civilization

The plasma column connected heaven and earth
The Great God Saturn sat motionless upon his Mercy Seat
This is also Buddha meditating on top of the celestial mountain

The higher heavens were separated by shimmering and shining seas of plasma
Or layers of higher electrical potential
These were also the rings of Saturn

When the electrical planetary orbs were in equilibrium
They were connected by sustained plasma discharges
And formed the City of God or the New Jerusalem
It had 12 doors or 12 angels which were the celestial orbs

When the sun is not in its place
Know that the new age or plasma apocalypse is at hand!