Antarctica is the elevated outer rim
Extending around all the other continents

The North Pole is the magnetic center point of the world
Where all compasses point

It is directly below Polaris
The only stationary star in the sky

We are not allowed to go to Antarctica or the North Pole
Because we are being lied to about them

The indoctrination of earth being a tilted planet
Nullifies any special significance to Antarctica or the North Pole

It turns Antarctica into a small ice continent at the bottom of the globe
And turns the North Pole into a frozen barren wasteland at the top of the globe
Early maps contain extra land in both areas

Admiral Byrd claimed there were vast resources in untouched land beyond Antarctica

The books Worlds Beyond the Poles and Iron Republic
Speak of entire civilizations beyond the Antarctic sea wall

But that possibility has been conceptually erased from the minds of the masses
As there is nowhere for these civilizations to exist on a globe

Humanity is thrown on a ball
Left spinning out of control

Going around the sun in a big bang universe that created everything for no reason
And to be eventually blown away by a supernova

Our world has been assigned to be a tilting wobbling space ball
Undergoing multiple contradictory motions through a vast universe

If this was the case you would only see irregular star trails
And the night sky would never look the same twice

It would be impossible for the constellations to even exist
If earth was truly performing all these various theoretical motions

Circular star trails around an unmoving pole star
Prove it is the stars moving and not the earth

Night after night the stars remain fixed in their relative constellations
Revolving perfect circles around Polaris and the north celestial pole

By removing earth from the stationary center of the universe
We have been removed us from a place of supreme importance
To just one of billions of planets in billions of galaxies

And a special significance for humans existing becomes highly implausible!