Like the moon
Comets are artificial

They are electrical devices that light up a path of electrons in the sky
Leaving a luminous trail

Pictures of comets asteroids and moon rocks are all fake
They just heat up a rock and bombard it with high energy
Then put it in a photoshopped picture
And most all of the masses believe it without question

NASA readily admits that all its pictures of an earth globe are CGI or computer graphic illustrations
In other words they are fake
The only reason they would need to fake them
Is because it is not true and they are deceiving the public

Pictures of what they say are dim stars with spirals issuing forth
Such as R Sculpturis
RS Ophiuchi
LL Pegasi
Or NGC 6751
Look like the cylinder of a plasma focus device

What is called Herbig Haro objects
Look like axial jets with plasmoids within pinches

When atmospheric disturbance results they are called planetary nebula
And supposed to be where stars are being birthed

The Vela Pulsar is surrounded by circumstellar rings
Pulsars are supposed to be extremely compact and very small fast spinning neutron stars that have undergone supernova
And are emitting the release of a galactic plasma filament

Could these fake descriptions be of interdimensional objects

Just like the time period of geological ages is total fiction
So is the distance of stars or what is called stars and planetary nebula

This is just part of the direct programming used to override our sequence

The garden of Eden was the green glow around Venus in the previous age
The 4 rivers that ran out of Eden were the 4 winds of heaven
Or the crossroads of Zeus who was Mars

Most myths have the male god eating the forbidden fruit and being kicked out
Aphrodite in search of Adonis is the same event

Why would a loving god get so angry from someone taking a bite of an apple
And do nothing about all the suffering going on today

We are the energy that help run the machine
We are the data base of this illusionary reality
And we are committed to a fantasy outcome!