Your perception controls everything you experience
Baptize yourself by celebrating life and your world

Love your body by giving it the proper nutrients
Be pregnant with possibilities

Turn up the volume of your eternal power
Drink the elixir bloom of information and intuition

Find gems under the dirt
Your downfall can actually activate your highest potential

Be with people who call up your heavenly nature
Walk into peoples lives with the magic wand that you are

Align your heart chakra
And be the difference in the world

You are on a ship in a journey with yourself
Leave yourself open to the magic of alchemy

Be a shield of light comfort protection and warmth
Pray for the children trapped in child trafficking
And for the innocent creatures trapped in the meat dairy and egg industries

Be the flashlight of inspiration
In so doing you will bless yourself with abundance

Come out of the versions of yourself
That no longer serve your highest good

Do not wallow in misery
The lesson has been served so move on

Be an energetic frequency shaman
Not an escape artist

Look yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself
That you express your own unique signature of creativity and light

Rise from your arrogance and think with compassion
Poisonous psychological insecurities put you in a cage and shackle your feet

Stop giving power to what happened to you
Be the director of your movie
And not just the actor!