When God caused the cosmic sea to transgress its boundaries
One third of middle heaven was flooded

Human stature was shortened
And our duration was lessened
Humanity lost its robustness

Megafauna became extinct
And the climate changed from continual warmth
To extreme hot and cold yearly temperatures

A sedimentary layer with iridium thorium uranium and micro diamonds
Are the unmistakable marks of cosmic catastrophe

Some of these particles have been found embedded
In the ivory tusks of mammoths and mastodons

These huge animals now found incased in frozen muck most notably in Alaska and the Artic needed lots of food
They could only survive in warm temperatures areas that produced food all year

The sudden death of these large mammals are evidenced by them still having plants in their mouth
And undigested food in their stomach

The Carolina Bays are many thousands of shallow elliptical depressions
The biggest are 6 miles long
They also contain micro spherules and enriched levels of iridium and nickel

They are found in many states and are also common in the Yukon and at the Beni Basin in Bolivia
They have different orientations which means the impacts came from different directions

No meteorites are ever found
And the surface is flat and shallow which precludes any meteoric impact

Cycles of extreme heat and cold are falsely portrayed as interglacial period
And are known as the Younger Dryas

Charcoal is the result of extreme heating and burying by liquefaction of plants
Liquefaction is the melting of the ground

It is the cause of many buried cities and structures said to be Roman
Buried brick buildings below existing buildings are commonplace in America
Some cities have turned these underground edifices into tourist attractions

Petrified forests is the result of electrification and mineralization of trees

The moon is not in ancient cosmology
The goddess Luna was a crescent shaped celestial apparition below the Venus star

It could not have been the moon because Venus or any star
Can not shine through the dark upper portion of the present moon

The moon is a newcomer
It is a simulator with EMF technology
It is an artificial device with bars trusses edges and a grid system with 6 sides
What we see is a holographic projection in a cloaking field

It is a portal and a base allowing low density beings from the other side to enter our realm
It sends down low vibrational waves upon us during the witching hour
To keep us in a state of non creation
And to drain us of our potential energy

The name of the goddess Luna has been assigned to our present moon
Its low frequency waves affect our being
And is where we get the word lunacy and lunatic

We also get the word maniac from moon

La Bella Luna means beautiful girl
It came from the radiant Venus in the prior era
Who was the divine Mother Goddess of beauty and splendor

Lux Divina means divine female

The present moon is capable of assault frequencies
And can be the cause of cosmic catastrophe!