Comet C/2017 K2 is approaching earth

Comets are technology sent into our skies
To herald in a big event

Their radiance is meant to affect
The human psyche and consciousness

The bright comets of 1811 and 1812
Ushered in a new age

Advanced technology has been around for a long time
Knights in shining armor battled electrically
Many of these knights were giants

The builders of the pyramids were giants
The remains of giants have been found all over the world
They are destroyed by the Smithsonian Institution

Mummies found in China were red haired white giants
These are the ones who built the Great Wall of China
And the hundreds of pyramids in China

As the invading non humans took control
The giants retreated to the inner realm
And to Antartica which surrounds us

Starting in the mid 1800s
Genetically modified humans were brought up from underground

Humans are the only species with many different blood types
Genes determine ones blood type

New populations of genetically changed humans
Are ready to be brought up from the underground

Also in the grand experiment
They are changing the DNA of the humans above ground

Werewolves are the result of the mixing of genetic sequences of different species

Our melted realm is the result of electric wars
Using high powered directed energy weapons

Gazeboes were charged cathodes
Usually at 4 O’clock

The former ages had free energy
Electricity was extracted straight from the ether
By orgone technology

Free energy and directed energy weaponry
Are being covered up

Water and food are poisoned to prevent ascension

Sound frequency technology exists to grow plants and food to enormous sizes
And to keep insects away

It is being suppressed so that crops are sprayed with pesticides and synthetic fertilizer

Farming and the growing of crops are being regulated more and more
To eventually put humans on a diet of insects

Royal Rife created frequencies to heal all cancers and other ailments
His inventions were banned

Words are powerful
They are currents that electrically integrate with the environment
They can be blessings or spells

Lyrics of popular artists are written by the Illuminati controlled music industry

One group is on the Dead can Dance tour

Lyrics of a famous song goes

Black hole sun
Wont you come
And wash away the sun

The appearance of a comet
Is meant to signal a black sun
And a period of darkness!