Genesis 1:2 says
Darkness was over the face of the deep
And the Spirit of God was moving above the surface of the waters

What happened to these primordial pre existing celestial waters

Isaiah 51:10 says
Was it not Thou that dried up the sea
The waters of the great deep

The word deep is from the Hebrew word Tehom
Which means a surging mass of water

In the Babylonian Enuma Elish
The primordial ocean is named Apsu
Which is the same as the Greek abyss

The Babylonian Saturn god Ea which is the same as the Hebrew El
Means King of the Watery Deep

In the Rig Veda
Varuna is crowned Lord of the Waters
Varuna or Saturn later hides the celestial ocean

The Maya believe the celestial waters receded and became a void

Genesis 1:6 says that God made a firmament called heaven that separated the waters
There was water under heaven and above heaven

The firmament is the vault of heaven
Where the Creator god rests

It is the dominion of Saturn
The heavenly throne of the King of Kings
Set in between the watery like whirling plasma outflow of the discharging Creator god
Reacting to the abundance of plasma electrons entering the north polar vortex

Genesis 1:14 says that God made lights in the firmament
These lights are the Nereids or Sea Nymphs
The gods and goddesses that appear and disappear in the celestial ocean

They were the Assembly of God that as with Saturn
Electromagnetically drifted toward the increased charge at the North Pole

Genesis 1:16 says that God made 2 great lights in the firmament of heaven
The greater to rule the day
And the lesser to rule the night

Since day and night was already established in Genesis 1:3
And the sun is our source of light
How can the greater light in verse 16 be the sun

The greater and lesser lights was the waxing and waning of Saturn
As is brightened and dimmed in its new position of rest in the northern celestial sky!