The Ely Cathedral in France
Is a huge energy center that has been converted into a church

Its design was to reflect the cosmic order
As it transmitted heavenly frequencies out to its surroundings

The energy was from organ pipes supplied with air from bellows sounded by keys
And distributed into sets of partial organs each with a separate keyboard

The Ely Cathedral is of a cruciform shape with 2 magnificent towers
The West Tower dominates the skyline and is 217 feet high

The East Tower is the Lantern Tower and is 171 feet high
And is the central octagonal tower with the lantern above

It is known as the Ship of the Fens
Because of the surrounding pure healing alkaline mineral water
That has been drained into a marshland

The entrance is decorated with foliage carvings in marble shafts
Three tiers of archways rise from arcaded aisles
And there is a high section of windows called the clerestory

Below the window line are richly decorated nodding ogees
Ogees are double curves

Massive walls pierced by arches form the aisles around the choir and transepts
Above each arch is a pair of spandrels of carved scenes

The Lady Chapel is an exuberance of 5 bays
With large tracery windows separated by pillars
That have substantial niches and canopies

The richly ornamented shrine pedestal and the exquisitely decorated Priors Door in the South Wall
Make Ely Cathedral the most refined and elegant anywhere

The so called Cathedrals were built by a former advanced culture
Who were closely aligned to the harmonic union of energy and vibration

All organized religion is run by secret societies
The inner circle is buffeted by lower level members who are mostly ignorant

All initiates must perform immoral activities to be a member
And take a Vow of Silence
Which is symbolized by them putting their index finger over their mouth

If they want to rise up in status and be rewarded with a better and more high paying job
They have to take part in pedophilia blood drinking and sacrifice rituals
And in the process sell their souls

Secret societies are a criminal subculture
That secretly promote political agendas
Politicians pop stars and your local pastor and police chief are members

Healing energy from sound emanating from Gothic Cathedrals
And their sacred living waters from deep aquifers
Have been replaced by a twisted religion taught by unscrupulous men

In the remote past the celestial waters of the Holy Mother
Sent waves of azure light ranging from pastel blue to violet

Sophianic sound waves infused sonoluminescence into streams rivers lakes and oceans

St Maries de la Mar
Is Saint Mary or Venus in the Sea

Notre Dame means Our Lady

The Lady of Lourdes in France is said to appear
Telling people to drink and bathe in the sacred healing waters

Natural mineral springs in cities and elsewhere have been cemented over
To disconnect us from their healing magic
And bar us from the Fountain of Youth!