When the sheep begin to rise
Then there is another reset

A few will make it out
But most will stay

They get reintroduced as another person
And reindoctrinated in the quagmire of false beliefs

Such as the earth is a spinning ball
200 light years from the center of the Milky Way galaxy

The masses are given an illusion
So that they will be locked into that reality

They then become a puppet of the system
And their energy gets harvested

They will be fed poisons
Which stops the building of chromosomes
That give signals for longevity

Other poisons will stop the crystallization of molecules
Preventing ascendency to higher frequencies

There are layers of energetic force
Designed to override our consciousness with lower vibrations

The moment we think something is true
We create it in our mind
Each split of our reflection becomes another reality

You do not want to be stuck in repeating negative patterns
Control your holographic expression and stay in the positive

Disengage and analyze what is occurring in the holographic imagery
Then fully engage with positive thoughts positive visualizations and positive behavior

Rewrite your timeline in the now with new light wave sequences
Allow coherent wave forms from Source Energy to enter
You will then become sovereign and free

If you hold your ground and project your desire
Your resonance will be many times stronger

You will create bridges between synapses
New neurons will zap through them

And you will see what you have projected!