The universe is a massive fractal
That embraces and caresses our souls

Templates are fields of light and sound
Which serve as blueprints
On which matter and conscious identity will manifest form

The imprints of form are of a crystalline structure
With specific patterns of frequency

Your auric field is a measure of your spiritual evolution
It advances when you recognize your highest soul purpose

Our template is being ethereally upgraded to 5D
The soul may resist and try again in another incarnation

Our pineal gland gives us the potential of supersensual visions

In former times the pineal gland would be activated by kundalini
Sending down prana which would awaken the brain

When Venus awoke she would become a thousand petals of the Flower of Life
The Jewel of the thousand petalled Lotus

Sahib is the Indic goddess at the apex of the spine
Sitting at the door of Brahma

She would awaken the celestial kundalini
By igniting electrical currents down the serpent
Which curled around the spine 3 and 1/2 times

The spine is the Tree of Life on which was the serpent in the Garden of Eden
It has 33 levels
Which is the same number of human vertebrae

33 is also the number of steps to enlightenment of Freemasonry

The Gadsden Flag has a yellow bronze snake coiled 3 and 1/2 times
As does the Staff of Hermes
The Rod of Asclepius
The Staff of Moses
The Caduceus
And the Anchora Sacra

Venus was also the Serpent Goddess
That as she awakened sent the prana down the coiled snake
Which circled around the spine 3 and 1/2 times

The Holy Spirit of the Bible is this prana

Yoga tries to revive these divine forces
And reveal the resplendent inner world
That merges with universal consciousness

When the pineal gland is activated
It lifts up like a cobra ready to strike

As energy moves upward to the brain
Ones auric field is brightened
And the souls presence is unveiled!