Isaiah 51:9 says
Awake awake put on strength O arm of the Lord
Awake as in the days of old
When Thou didst cut Rahab into pieces
And pierced the dragon

Jewish tradition says there was war between Baal and Leviathan
Leviathan surrounded the vault of heaven
Leviathan comes from the Hebrew word liviah which means coiled or entwined

The Leviathan was the spiral of creation that encircled the heavenly world
It was a circle or ring that surrounded the cosmic ocean
Leviathan was the great sea monster of chaos

The Hindu Shesha was the serpent of the cosmic ocean
Like Rahab the Egyptian Apep was the enemy of Ra who is the same as El or Saturn

O Apep Get Thee back
Ra shall triumph over thee
And thou shall have thy tail in thy mouth

The Ouroboros is an encircling serpent with its tail in its mouth
Rahab = Leviathon = Shesha = Apep = Ouroboros

The Ouroboros became associated with the elixir of life
It became the symbol of eternity and unity

It was the outer ring or the 7th sea
The Vedic Saturn god Shiva means sevenfold

There were 7 halls in the Egyptian Duat
The Duat was the enclosure of Saturn

The Hebrew word ym or yam means day
But it also means sea
The 7 seas of Saturn were falsely interpreted as 7 days

Why would God need to rest on the 7th day
The god in question was a planet who finished building a 7 layered plasma shield around itself
In response to its new electrical environment

The 7 Wise Ones arose out of the water
The 7 rings of Saturn can also be further demarcated into 3 main areas
These are the Biblical 3 Wise Men who visited the birth of Jesus

The origin of the story of the birth of Jesus
Is the birth or rebirth of Mars in front of Venus in the former era

The arm of the Lord in Isaiah 51:9
Was the colossal cylinder of electrical current
The heaven supporting pillar of light
A flux tube consisting of millions of amps
The leg or phallus of the creator

It was the fiery aurora borealis in a radiant phase

In certain countries the divine phallus is still worshiped
Multitudes of phallic symbols are in their neighborhoods temples and even along highways!