At the birth of Dionysus
The Divine Child
All the immortal stars danced

The sudden appearance of this light bearing star
Was called Phosphorous Aster in Latin

Dionysus was surrounded by the dancing Maenads or Thyiads
That danced in divine splendor on Mount Parnassus

Who in a night long frenzy
Danced before the Fire Star
In a circular motion

They were the bright choir of beauteous dames
The heavenly host
The children of El or Saturn
The Ennead

Job says
Where were you when the stars of the morning danced together
And all the sons of god shouted for joy

The triumphal emergence of the new born fiery son of god
Who was Mars
Was a universal celebration

It was a stellar epiphany of a superstar
With an incendiary conception

In service to the Queen of Heaven who was Venus

A birth by a fiery thunderbolt
Accompanied by terrifying thunder

The birth or more precisely the rebirth of Mars
And the passing of the old Mars
Veturius Mamurius
Was celebrated in Rome in the festival of the Salii

The Salii were leaping priests
Who danced in the streets
Accompanied by music and singing

The Eye of Horus who was Venus
Guided the spear dagger or sword
Which was a thunderbolt from Mars
Interpreted as the Immaculate Conception

The result produced an outburst like rain
This is the Rain Man
Which is Lucifer in occult circles

There was also a long night or eclipse of the former Saturnian sun

According to the Aztecs at the birth of the sun god
There was an eclipse
Accompanied by great din and disorder
And captives of light skin color wee sacrificed

Just before Mars showed himself
In a nova like explosion of light
There was an occultation or hiding

This was Jonah inside the belly of the whale
Or Jesus in Sheol

It was Mars emerging from his prison of darkness
And creating an awe inspiring epiphany
At the stairway of the Throne of El

This usurping of power
Was the original Game of Thrones!