Cattle are mentioned twice in the creation account in Genesis
Cattle are genetic mutations of bison

Domesticated pigs are genetic mutations of the wild boar
But have been also mixed with human genetics making them really smart

Genesis 1:26 says Let us make man in our own image
This refers to the genetic manipulation of humans

The story of Genesis was just a starting over period
It was the beginning of a new era
That proceeded the Atlantean civilization

As the Reptilian influence grew
So did the eating of flesh

The cruel and inhumane sacrifice of animals in the Old Testament
Was not a god ordained ritual

It was promoted by the religious leaders
Until an actual human could be served

The flesh and blood of animals
Was mixed with the flesh and blood of humans
So that the eating of humans would go unnoticed

The mixing of human flesh with animal flesh is happening today
Especially at McDpnalds and other fast food restaurants

Humans now have a part of their brain called the reptilian brain
It causes them to be selfish cold and calculating

We now have reptilian DNA
Which creates tails in human fetuses

Many reptilian human hybrids had elongated skulls
Akhenaten the Egyptian pharaoh had an elongated skull
And was the start of a new dynasty

Reptilians infiltrated the ruling class
By abducting them and creating hybrids

Hybrids were programmed with sequences
To make their reptilian genetics predominant

We are on the precipice of the reactivation
Of our 98 percent dormant DNA

Be grateful and celebrate!