Have you ever wondered why rainbows are arched?
Because the plasma dome that surrounds our plane of existence is arched and so are the atmospheric levels of electromagnetic energy below it.
Stars are embedded in this canopy. They revolve around us in a circumpolar fashion and are not racing away from us at unimaginable speeds because of an initial explosion.
The universe that we are taught that we exist in does not exist.
We have not been gallivanting around on the moon or parachuting dune buggies to Mars.
Planets and moons are plasmatic orbs like stars but at a lower charge.
The middle of our plane of existence is the North Pole. Antarctica surrounds us in a circle.
It is not permissible to go past the 60* south latitude unless you have special authorization.
They don’t want anyone exploring the vast open continents past Antarctica.
That is the reason we are taught we live on a spinning globe. To make everyone believe there is just one land mass there and nothing beyond.
If you keep going past an indeterminate amount of the vast continents beyond Antarctica you will eventually come to the arched canopy that surrounds us.
And what is on the other side of the celestial canopy you might ask?
You can bet whatever is on the other side is not conducive for human habitation because a plasmatic shield separates areas of extremely different charge.
But the powers that be want to find out.
Like the 60’s song from the rock group The Doors they want to Break on Through to the Other Side.
The elite have known for some time about this barrier. In the 1950’s they tried blasting through it using the available technology. It did not work. So in 1954 they started a project to be powerful enough to puncture a whole through this enclosure. It is called CERN which is short for Cernunnos the Celtic god of destruction and Lord of the underworld.
CERN is located in Geneva Switzerland but also goes into part of France. It is on land that was formerly a center of worship of the god Apollyon and featured a shrine to him.
CERN was built upon the founding principles of Nikola Tesla. Charged atomic particles are harnessed and accelerated at incredible speeds causing millions of proton collisions every second. Then the particles are examined in their initial state when they are not bonded. They do this in the Hadron Collider which is 300 feet beneath the ground and 17 miles in circumference.
There have been numerous breakdowns throughout the years. But it was deemed good to go for the final operation in 2016 when a 57 kilometer tunnel was completed which took 17 years to build. It cost over 11 billion dollars employing over 10,000 of the world’s top scientists. (Shows you whoever controls the money supply can make as much of it as they want since it is backed by nothing).
The tunnel completion was celebrated with an elaborate ceremony. The main actor was a goat man symbolizing Lucifer. The theme was the opening of the barrier in the celestial dome. The ritual mixed religious/mythological motifs with the consequences of encountering what is on the other side of the enclosure. They believe out of destruction and chaos, order and harmony will be created. A new world order.
Right in front of the Cern headquarters is a big statue of Shiva. Shiva is part of the Hindu Trimurti with Vishnu and Brahma. Saturn Mars and Venus – Father Son and Holy Ghost. Secret Rituals are performed in front of this Shiva statue where robed figures gather symmetrically in a circle while a nude woman lays down in the middle and they act as if she is being sacrificed.
Shiva the destroyer is known for his violent and dangerous cosmic dance. He can be equated with Mars gods around the world who through their rash behavior sparked a cosmic catastrophe which is marked by a fall of stars and a conflagration. Shiva receives a thunderbolt or a spear in the midsection as retribution.
Both of these occult ceremonies are reenacting ancient astronomical events just prior to ‘creation’ when the sky was enshrouded in darkness. Mars was seen imprisoned in a celestial underworld or buried in a tomb or as Jonah trapped in the stomach of a large fish and after an indeterminate amount of time sprang forth in great splendor bringing light to the cosmos. Not only does the Mars god dispel the light (light bringer) he brings order (cosmos) out of chaos.
Some cultures saw it as a War of the Gods exchanging thunderbolts. When Mars hurled a thunderbolt to Venus some viewed it as an act of impregnation. And others viewed the whole affair as a holy sacrifice and their rituals reenact this.
The Pawnee ritual had a warrior dressing up in red feathers imitating Mars. They used to go out and capture a beautiful virgin from another tribe. She represented Venus and was later sacrificed.
In Greek lore Mars was Aphrodite’s paramour whom she seized. She then made him a keeper of her shrine in the netherworld.
Quetzalcoatl the Mexican Mars and Morning Star was in the Netherworld for 4 days where he died. And like Jesus he arose and was reborn shining as the Light of the World and then was enthroned as Lord and King of the cosmos.
Mars was the ‘shining one’, the ancient Morning Star or Lucifer whom Isaiah describes as saying in his heart that he shall arise above the stars of El (Saturn). And there raise high his throne to sit on the Mount of Assembly and on the slopes of Saphon.
Then according to Isiah he was brought down to Sheol to the recess of the pit. Mars as Lucifer became the Fallen One.
The Illuminati want to usher in Satan’s rule and reestablish God’s kingdom. Satan is a variant of Saturn in a dark phase (Black Saturn) and was later equated with Lucifer or the Devil. They want the restoration of the Golden Age.
They want to bring back Shambhala, Hyperborea, Mt. Olympus, Shangri-La and Valhalla.
These Cities of God are analogous to the realm of Saturn which Lucifer tried to take over and usurp. They were the arrangements of planets and Saturnian moons in a former epoch not so long ago.
The goal of CERN is to bring a new world order out of chaos just like their god Lucifer.
Do they think they will create a wormhole through to the next realm whereby they can summon their god?
Are they in contact with beings from the other side?
Or are they just curious about what secrets will be unveiled?
Do they think a stargate or portal will be established allowing for interdimensional travel?
Or do they just feel a little trapped inside the boundary?
Have the dangers of this action been brushed aside?
What forces might want to pounce on unsuspecting life here?
What unwelcome entities might be revealed?
Maybe they already know.
Maybe they have already experienced time travel.
Maybe they have already contacted visitors from the future.
Do they think they can go back and change history?
Prevent Eve from taking a bite of the apple?
Exactly what type of interchange of energy is going to take place?
We unknowingly interact with electrical energy everyday. Energy from the sun, moon, planets and our domed canopy. All of which are not so far away.
We are electrical beings. Our vibration resonates with the Earth’s electric field and from it we receive equilibrium, stabilization and balance.
The attunement of higher electrical vibrations elevates our consciousness.
Our own personal vibration gets emanated through our thoughts and feelings and attracts similar vibration and corresponding energy.
Will this proton dispersion of our arched ceiling result in the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) that we are being told is imminent? Which will be blamed on North Korea.
Everything is planned out well in advance. Presidents, wars, stock market crashes and natural disasters.
The internet was started at CERN back in the 1980’s. It is called the World Wide Web because the more you use it the more entangled you become. Soon you will need an RFID chip to maintain your connection and you will be caught and there will be no escape. You will also need an RFID chip to have access to your finances.
The RFID chip will activate the nano micro computer processors we have ingested from chemtrails and GMO foods and connect us to a supercomputer. Transhumanism will begin. We will merge with the machine and take orders from a computer. This is the biblical Mark of the Beast.
Our energy will be stolen and our natural vibration with the earth will be replaced.
But maybe we will discover what is beyond our vaulted ceiling.
And maybe we will have access to other dimensions.
And maybe interdimensional beings will have access to our world.