Apophis 99942 is supposed to be a potentially killer asteroid
That is on a near earth orbit

When numbers add up to 33
It is pretty much a sure bet that it is a Freemason fabrication

They have this scenario in the works
But it is to be carried out by EM weaponry and holographic imagery

There is no such thing as meteorites asteroids moon rocks or natural comets
That have sprung loose from their planetary or lunar origin
But belief in them by the spellbound hypnotized masses remains unwaivered

Planets are not terra firma
They are source plasma that has entered our domain

The Babylonian Brotherhood has had an enormous effect on the truth vibration

HAARP and its many worldwide facilities such as the one at Pine Gap Australia
Were built to prevent people from tuning into the new frequencies
Which will awaken them

The Star Wars defense shield is to block the energetic download from the cosmos
And the moon hits us with low vibrational microwaves

Windmills produce a stream of low vibrating energy
While cell phones and the fake cell phone towers input a low microwave frequency upon us

The money system was set up as a means of control
To make humans labor all their lives
Something that they would not otherwise do

Our vagus nerve system commands our body and our brain
Deep breathing causes the drawing in of magical plasma

The transformative power of breath is a profound tool for self transformation
Long exhalations singing laughing and tonal prolongation
Increases the parasympathetic flow state of the vagus nerve system

The vagus nerve channels to the cranial nerves
It is where action and awareness merge

It also connects to all the organs
Connecting them to the brain

Breaking the spell is the activation of the vagus nerve
It is like taking the red pill in the movie The Matrix

It is the vibration of the incoming energetic resonance
And puts you in sync with the new reality!