The Hualapai tribe who live in the grand canyon relate how their hero God Pakithaawi smote the ground with a knife and a club creating the Grand Canyon.
The Hopi believe their god Tiyo carved out the Grand Canyon.
The Ute tribe tells how Tavwoats rolled a raging stream into the newly created stream.
The Canyon cuts through a high plateau that could not have been carved out by water since water does not flow uphill.
Water does not cut through solid bedrock, lave shale and schist.
The secondary furrows of the Canyon are steep, perpendicular and rounded which is also not compatible to being carved out by water.
The Sword of Greek Damocles and the Angel of the Lord in between heaven and earth with a drawn sword in 1 Chronicles 21:16 also tell of a god packing a weapon.
Could the Canyon have been created recently by an electric discharge from Mars?