The appearance of the moon is just a waveform phenomenon
We decode the transmission of it with our computer brain
Then send it into our holographic reality

Photons with encoded information penetrate our DNA
Which then stimulates the brains visual center

We are tuned into a false reality or matrix
Through genetic engineering

The moon does not spin
Yet is supposed to be aligned with a planet spinning at 1000 miles per hour

The artificial moon follows the sun
Hacking its photon transmissions and distorting them

The moon is also a teleportation device
For traveling between the 3rd and 4th dimensions

The largest of the fake moons on Jupiter
Are roughly the same size as our phony moon

By putting crystals around Jupiter and Saturn
They have become a broadcast system for otherworldly beings
Who wish to manipulate our realm

Our 3d world is set at 98 hertz
ETs exist in the frequency range starting at 98.1 hertz in the lower 4th dimension
Just beyond our ability to see them

The coming shift will make them visible
We will find out that the people who are in positions of power
Are actually blood drinking baby eating reptilian hybrids

But most humans eat baby animals
Who live a short life full of suffering
And who are injected with growth hormones
To get them to grow as quick as possible

Drinking human blood which contains human codices
Prevents hybrids from taking reptilian form when in the presence of humans

And enables them to extend their stay
Our vibrational realm is alien to their body resonance

The reptilian form is scary to humans
Controlling the masses is easier when orders are coming from a humanoid looking being

To maintain a human appearance with an even reptilian human balance
It is necessary to intermarry with others who have the same split bloodlines

Hybrids have no permission to cry and remain unemotional
Sympathy is deleted from their personality

We have achieved monumental technology in the past
But we have been downgraded
To a race of more controllable and less resistant beings!