Prometheus was the celestial luminary that stole the light
And carried the Torch of Illumination
The Olympic torch is symbolic of this celestial flame

The light bearer is also Lucifer who is the same as Prometheus
The word illumination is where the word Illuminati comes from
It is also where we get the word alumni

Rockefeller Center in New York City has a golden statue of Prometheus
Prometheus and Lucifer were Mars in the former age

The Statue of Liberty is representative of the Goddess Columbia
Who also held a torch

The word Columbia means the column of Ia who is Saturn
The column is the north celestial plasma vortex in the center of our world

Columbia can be seen in many names
Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS
District of Columbia
Knights of Columbus
Columbine flower which is the state flower of Colorado
And the Columbia Space Shuttle where all the astronauts who supposedly died
Surfaced later with pseudo names and easy high paying jobs

She is Venus Libertus Isis Athena and Semiramis
Who with parallel streamers that resembled wings
Came down the plasma column as a snow white dove

The plasma column was the original Milky Way because of its snow white appearance

The story of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
Is Venus with 7 smaller orbs

Ocimum Tenuiflorum is Holy Basil also called Tulsi
And is the most sacred plant in the Vedic Puranas

It is a fragrant shrub with green and purple leaves

Known as the Incomparable One it is very high in Sattva
Which is the light and clarity perception principle

It increases prana or plasma energy
And can actually change ones genome sequence

Taken as a tea it bestows a powerful sense of well being
The tea is referred to as liquid yoga
Because it uplifts you with vigor and joy

Tulsi has strong medicinal properties

It is a favorite of bees and pollinators of all kinds!