In Illuminati rituals they all wear masks
Whoever wears a mask is participating in their ritual

Wearing a mask is meaningless and useless in regard to health
What it actually is
Is a show a submission to a heartless system of criminal psychopaths
To a secret society checkerboard chess game

Who are being funneled billions of dollars

The vax has an exact opposite effect
Of what we are told

It is an accelerating agent to the Beast System
And produces significant amounts of DNA modifications

It is a transhumanist agenda
With regular lifelong injections
That allows tracking on an ongoing basis

Now it is being said we have to get the jab
To prevent a future pandemic

Future pandemics are future adverse reactions to Pfizer or Merck injections
And injected viruses can be switched on through 5G frequencies

When the Gestapo comes knocking at your door
To haul you off to the Gulag

Because you are not complying
Or maybe you have thought crimes

It proves the illegitimacy of the regime

The Antichrist has many faces

Jared Kushner is now the head of an innovative Swat Team
To enforce an executive order
Of an accelerated delivery of AI

This new incident response squad will make sure everyone is vaxxed
Or else they are potential murderers of someones grandmother

The mRNA will go into more and more products
And will start going into food

The lipid nano particles in the hydrogel contained in the vax
Is for data exchange to the server
So that internal corrections can be made externally

The AI Starlink through 5G
Has the ability to rewrite circuitry for cells

When the vax is linked to peoples bank accounts
Many will give in

Fraudulent PCR tests not only deliver nano particles
They create false positives
And are part of the fear program

Medical tyranny also uses climate change as an excuse
When in reality weather modification is part of the AI agenda

When someone gives blood or has a blood test
They help support labs which create future viruses

Your own immune system is the best way to combat illness
Keep yourself alive and healthy!